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“Let’s start with the unavoidable fact:  If I had special knowledge about how to avoid adversities, about how to spot the pitfalls of life, I would spot them, I would avoid them, and I would share how it is I had managed that.  I do not.
I have a lot of experience in getting up after I have been knocked down, but clearly, I do not know anything at all about avoidance.  We all tumble and fall. I certainly have, but in truth it is going to happen, in some degree to all of us.  Oh, maybe everyone we care about will live to attend our funerals.  Maybe everyone whom you love and who loves you will be loyal to you in every way for every day of your life.   Or maybe not.”

This is a small part of the book “Resilience” by Elizabeth Edwards and I have to say the woman is a marvel and I wish I could meet her and just talk to her.
She has a wonderful head on her shoulders and has stood tall and proud through all of her struggles.

As I wrote in an earlier blog, the life she has lived and the struggles and pain she has had to endure make my problems seem petty and small.

It was a very good book.
I read it in four hours and it was hard to put down.
I highly recommend it.
It made me realize that there is no promise of a tomorrow for any of us so we should look at every day as a gift and live it to the fullest of our ability.


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In the next five years of my life……   Leave a comment

I think I will always have the wanderlust.
I want to travel and see every state in the United States and I want to visit other countries as well.
I fear leaving the US because frankly we live in a sick world and one never knows what is out there in other countries and what could do us harm.
however I want to over come that fear.
I want to see Africa, Switzerland, London, France, Ireland (A huge longing for this place) New Zealand, Asia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada,  The Figi Islands and so many more places

I hope to see every state in the United States in the next five years.
And then when I have done that (Which really means I have to stop going back to the ones I have already been to!) I want to go to other countries.

I’m not sure my husband will have any desire to leave our country but I know I can count on at least one of my sisters to go to other countries with me.

This is my personal goal for the next five years.
I do however hope to have one or two more grand children in this time span too.

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okay I have been  humbled by my own bitching .

Humbled by reading a book that makes my small boring life seem like nothing compared to hers.

I am reading Elizabeth Edwards novel “Resilience”

and believe me, compared to her I am walking in the park every day of my life.
She lost a son when he was 16, lives with her husband’s infidelity and the chance of him fathering the other woman’s baby AND she is dying of cancer.

Pretty deep stuff there compared to my life.
I really have no reason to complain

Not only does she know she is dying of Cancer but then she has to wonder if this other woman is going to step in and help her husband finish raising their two young children.

I have always liked John Edwards, (not so much now after reading this book) but I feel quite bad for his wife who wants nothing more than to see her children grow up and maybe hold a grand child or two.
Something that won’t happen for her.

So I need to look at the wonderful things in my life and stop being so negative.

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you know looking on the bright side sometimes is hard to do.
I know I have a lot of things to be grateful for but today all I can think about it the ho huminess of my life.
how every day is a replica of the day before.
it gets so old.

And while I know I should consider myself lucky to have a job and my health and a husband, children and grand children… just gets so boring after a time.
Am I the only one who feels this way?

maybe it just has to do with my back hurts and I am sick of it.
Or maybe it is because I haven’t seen my grand children since about noon on Saturday….

or maybe it is the fact that it feels like a Monday here instead of a Tuesday.

Or the chances are that I canceled my vacation in December so I am bummed about not going anywhere for a while.

OR it could be the money situation and how there never seems to be enough to go around.

maybe I just need to complain.

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yes fortunately for me it is Tuesday  now, but it feels like another Monday.
Hate being here.
I lay there this morning before the alarm went off praying to God to give me the strength to make it through another crappy day here.

I know I should be grateful to have a job.
I do know that, but I am sooooo sick of cleaning up after people.
So tired of doing the same thing over and  over and over.

Ahh quit bitching Marge.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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boat ride

mom's pics 3 062

2 of my 3 girls

November 2008_0014

mom's pics 3 163

my beautiful girl

mom's pics 3 213

mom's pics 3 192

these children are my greatest loves and of course the new baby coming in May!
I love being a grand mother and there is no greater joy in this world for me, then being Nana to these three beautiful girls.
Can’t wait for my little peanut in May!


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Mt Rainer

arches 3

Naples 2





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this is the whole entire picture that I have as my heading now.
It is more beautiful when you can see the whole thing, isn’t it?

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