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my hand   Leave a comment

well after almost five days I am able to type again although it does hurt a bit

the bandage is off and the incision Is ugly

I’ve cleaned it and put an adhesive bandage on it

stitches come out next Monday

I can’t tell yet if there is any improvement in the hand yet

but it is a one day at a time thing


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Schindler’s List   Leave a comment

if you have never seen this movie I highly recommend it.

it is depressing and sad and tragic in so many ways

but it is an important movie with an important statement

what a horrific ending to so many people’s lives

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not liking it   Leave a comment

hard to type with one hand

honestly it isn’t much fun at all

getting dressed is tough

l will be thrilled with this at all

sometimes l forget and start to use my hand and then suffer for it


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I’ve been thinking   Leave a comment

having this surgery tomorrow morning is going to put a damper on quite a few things in my life.

going the bathroom is one

taking a bath is another

brushing my hair, brushing my teeth, driving my car

something as simple as putting the key in the ignition is going to be a challenge.


not to mention typing on my computer.


I know it needs done but….it will be challenging


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what to say today   Leave a comment

I am at work with nothing to do

literally nothing to do

oh there are things I could do, but with school starting four weeks from today we still have four weeks to fill

not to mention I am lazy and just don’t feel like doing anything

of course not doing anything is going to make the day just crawl by.


On a different note, it is very lovely out today

58 degrees with only a high of 78

now this is my kind of weather!

a beautiful picture for a beautiful day

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sitting pretty   Leave a comment

I find myself using this expression a lot anymore

We are “Sitting Pretty” here at work

we have got so little left to do and that is a great feeling


wish I had the money to take a trip some where next week since I will be off for ten days.

darn it.

but maybe I will watch my grandchildren a day or two and that will break up the sitting around not able to do anything because my right hand will be healing.

hopefully I can get it wet so I can at least be in the pool with the grandkids.

800px-denali_national_park (my sitting pretty picture……wish I was there!)

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love this   Leave a comment

it is so much cooler today after a thunderstorm last night

I so love this cooler stuff

it makes living, breathing and just existing so much nicer


Have a bit of a sinus headache but other than that, life is good!


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surgery   Leave a comment

Friday I am having carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand.
I sure hope it helps because I am very sick of dealing with my hand aching and falling asleep on me all of the time

from brushing my teeth, to driving, to writing something down and everything in between, it falls asleep and just aches.

I honestly feel like I have elephant paws half the time.


so hopefully surgery will fix this problem


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without a doubt this is what we need………….oh and God too of course.   Leave a comment


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weirdness going on   1 comment

I’ve had a lot of weirdness going on these last few days

I’m not saying I believe an evil force is at work but there have been some strange things going on

for instance,( and I do believe in ghosts)  the black “Death” ghost filtered through the back of my SUV the other morning on my way to work
How do I know?
I saw it in my rearview mirror.

now the death ghost as I have decided to call it, comes to me when someone I love or care about is about to die.
This scares me as I don’t want to lose anyone I love, but I do know we are all owed a death

secondly, yesterday I drove into work, stopped to get the school’s mail as I do every other day (this became one of my jobs last year)

and I got out, after putting the car in park, and got the mail

I got back in my car, shut the door and went to put the car in drive when it was like something was pushing down on the accelerator hard.

the engine revved up scaring the begeeies out of me

it lasted maybe five seconds (my foot was on the brake the entire time)

very strange


This morning I woke up at four forty-eight, I have my alarm set for four forty-five  to get up every morning

I got up, picked up the clock and checked to make sure I had the alarm on, only to discover it was set for five forty-five.
I did not set it to that time.
I have no idea how it got that way?????

And while taking my morning bath, I saw a spider up on the shower wall.
I kept an eye on it the whole time I was in the tub.
I went to rinse my hair and get out, and the spider was gone.
I looked all around for him but couldn’t find him.
Now where did he go?

These strange happenings give me the willies.

and I don’t like it one bit.



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