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nothing going on around here

Work and home and work and home.
I swear I didn’t even go on vacation.

The leaves are starting to turn but no matter what I put on myself and my grandchildren the mosquitoes eat us a live every time we go outside to enjoy the day

it is damn frustrating.

but I do love Fall

And I LOVE the holidays so……

I’m ready for cooler temps.



ready to quit

Call me lazy, call me fat and lazy just let me quit this job

I am just sick to death of cleaning something up just to have someone come in and trash it with in an hour of my cleaning if not sooner………

it is all so depressing.

I like spending money and going on vacations,ย but I really really want to quit………..


in love with the West


having just gotten back from visiting Arizona and Utah I can’t imagine why I would ever go anywhere else.
I so love the western half of the United States


my pictures just can not do it justice to how incredibly beautiful it is out there



if I could see my children and grandchildren once or twice a month I would move to Utah in a heartbeat.
I so love it


why do I do what I do?
Why do I do things that I know aren’t good for me?
Why do I allow certain things to happen or come into my life when I know I am better off with out them?

I don’t have an answer to why I sabatoge myself as much as I do.
I’m sure some shrink some where could explain it to me.

but I do often wonder why I am so inconsiderate of myself.


time flies

Here we are on day 6 ย of our vacation

Where does the time go?

I honestly don’t know

It has been a great week, seeing new things and enjoying being off of work

I love Arizona, no not as much as Utah, but Arizona is beautiful in its own right

I definiely will be back to visit one day………


Grand Canyon

We were at the Grand Canyon and passed a young couple with the man saying

“Okay let’s go find this big hole in the ground”

I wondered if he was impressed after he saw this beautiful sight?20140915_102219


Bryce Canyon

A pretty place to visit


Glen Canyon National Park

We just finished driving through Glen Canyon National Park

It is exceptional

20140914_125432 IMG_47370781539887 20140914_135659 20140914_135349


We have had day 1 in Arizona and I have to say it is a beautiful state

We spent almost 4 hours at the Grand Canyon and plan to go back tomorrow

It really is a beautiful place

I took dozens of pictures

I will see if I can get them downloaded



2 to go

2 more work days and then I am flying to Arizona for a week

I have to tell you when I first heard Phoenix was flooded due to substantial rain, I got a bit scared.
however I am quite sure there are several ways to get out of the city and if all else fails, we will drive through New Mexico to get to Utah.
I honestly can’t wait till vacation

I am looking forward to it immensely.

I only hope we get there safely and return home safely and that all my loved ones are doing well and will be fine while we are gone

I know I am a worry wart.
I do know this.
but I still worry
And God willing, it will all be alright.




I’m still thinking I would like to drive to Florida over Christmas break but I’m not sure if we will or not………

Still I know the beach and sun will appeal to me greatly come winter.