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In A World Of Trouble~   Leave a comment

As I knew it would, the coronavirus has escalated since things have opened up

It is insane to me and so unnecessary.

People say it was necessary is necessary for things to open to save the economy.

Yeah well people are dying.

To me that seems like it is a hell of a lot more important.

I lost my nephew to this virus.

It is real and it is dangerous.

And it is just getting worse.

It is incredibly sad.

I will admit I don’t wear a face mask except to work when I am around the residents.

I hate wearing it and I feel like it prevents me from breathing well.
But if it saves one life, one elderly person or one of my grandchildren then that is worth it.


This country is going to hell in a hand basket and I blame Trump for that.

God willing he will not win the election in November.

We need someone who needs and knows how to lead this country.

Trump hasn’t been nor ever was that person.

God willing.




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Coming home   Leave a comment

Paula is coming home this weekend

Which is wonderful

It is always great to have all four of my kids together

It happens only once or twice a year

So it is a special treat

my blessings

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Damn Responsibility~   Leave a comment

My youngest daughter and her family are going to Minnesota over the 4th of July weekend because her in laws live there and they want to visit with them.

It would be a perfect time for my husband and I to fly to Florida for six days.

He watches the kids while my daughter and her husband work.

So he wouldn’t have any responsibilities to stay in Iowa.

I however work two of the six days and I could either try and trade with someone to get them off or just call in sick both days.

It would be easy enough to do both.
BUT in flying to Florida I would be spending almost two thousand for the tickets and hotel room and then we always take a thousand for spending money.

However Rick still wants his garage and taking three thousand for a short vacation seems a bit insane when he wants his garage.


Not to mention my calling in sick to work…..

My conscience probably won’t let me call in anyway…..

But it is tempting.

Still the responsible thing to do is to not go and not spend that money



Hate being a adult some days.



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Camping~   Leave a comment

We went camping this weekend at our son’s six acre place.

It was fun and even a bit challenging but I slept poorly both nights and that makes for it being a drag in some ways.


I bought a tent and it said it was supposed to sleep eight but I don’t see how any more than six could sleep in it.

The weather was perfect and over all it was a good time.

Not sure if we will do it anytime soon again because it is just going to be getting hotter and it really wasn’t that comfortable even with our air mattress’ but who knows.

Ideally I would love to have an RV but not sure we would camp any more if we had one of those.





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No reason for the title, it just popped in my head

Im at work and not for the first time do I wish I wasn’t

Oh to retire

A little less than 6 years to go

I don’t want to rush life but it would be awesome to retire

The funny thing is if my husband died tomorrow I would retire

And not because I would get a lot of money because I wouldn’t

We don’t have life insurance on each other

I would simply have more money because I wouldn’t spend as much

He likes having money to go out to eat or whatever…..

Not that I want him to die,  of course I don’t

But I work for the health insurance and I would just pay out of pocket if it was just me

Still 2026 will be here before I know it and I can retire then


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In a round about way~   Leave a comment

I’m over the blues.

Not sure what it was but there for a few days I felt like I hated my life and every aspect of it.


I am thrilled beyond words that I am out of that.


With Jason passing I know I have no right to be unhappy or down about anything.

Life is way too short.

Way too short to be unhappy


I need to count my blessings every day and not let things drag me down.



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