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do you think………   1 comment

do you think… should put themselves above all others……..

do you think…….one should put everyone else’s wants and needs above their own? (their loved ones)

do you think…..the majority does the first sentence or the second one?

I realize it is all what a person can live with.
Their own conscience has to get them through…..

As I told my brother last night as we were talking on face book, there are times I just want to run away……start over some where else where no on expects anything from me.
There are times that need to run is so overwhelming I actually contemplate running……I plan it is my head….I look at the finances to see if I could swing it……

I also told my brother my grandchildren keep me grounded.
They are my glue so to speak.
Without them, I don’t know where I would be.
But I am 99% certain I wouldn’t be here……

I am 49 years old and I still feel unsettled at times
I have to wonder, is there something missing in my makeup, that makes me want to run?
(Stupid question, considering who my parents are)

Life is so short……do I dare to put myself first or should I just let things be as they are?

I don’t really expect any answers…..I’m just thinking out loud…..


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and we are off………..   1 comment

here we are, Saturday morning upon us, and it is nearing eight am.
My husband just got out of bed and we are going to head to Iowa City to get that moving crap done that needs done at my school.

Might hit up the  movie “Inception” today and of course there is the regular stuff, groceries and getting  non edible foods at Wally World.

Not sure if it is supposed to be humid or not, but it feels muggy out there.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!

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how do you say……….   2 comments

how do you tell someone to shut their mouth when they are eating?
I have said it before and the response I got was, “I know”
I can’t stand it.
I can hardly sit here listening to this person chomp away on their food.
It grosses me out.
So how do you say to someone, “Could you please shut your mouth when you are eating so I don’t have to listen to every little bit of food you shovel into your mouth?”

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I could see me…..   Leave a comment

being here


or being here…..


Anywhere (almost) would be better than where I am right now.
At work……..

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wax on, wax off   Leave a comment

I have been scrubbing and waxing floors today.
inconveniencing the people who are here, but there really is nothing I can do about it.
I have to be able to get done with waxing the floors before school starts and that was where I was at in the big picture.

I have another entry way to wax but I am not sure if I will stay late tonight to do it or come in on Sunday and do it.
Sunday late, after six pm.
I can tell you right now, I would rather stay late now then come back in late on Sunday.
So there is my answer, I should just stay late, right?

however I wrote an email to the entire staff of the school saying I will do it on Sunday so Sunday is when I will do it.
I tend to do this to myself…..set myself up for things and only as an after thought do I find a better solution!
oh well….it is what it is………and it needs done…..

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happiness is…..   1 comment

happiness is….my grandchildren

happiness is….walking in the rain

happiness is…..sunrises and sunsets

happiness is….a really good thunderstorm

happiness is….being with my family

happiness is….children

happiness is….laughing so hard I’m crying with my sisters

happiness is…..walking arm in arm with the one you love

happiness is…..a good nights sleep

happiness is…..a good meal

happiness is…..Friday afternoons

happiness is….memories of my mother

happiness is….memories from my childhood

happiness is…..a excellent book that you can’t put down

happiness is…..working in my yard

happiness is….a good movie

happiness is….whatever is out there that makes you happy.

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lost connection   1 comment

somewhere between my brain and my fingers, I lose the connection.
I have great dreams of writing and have it all mapped out in my head, but once I try to write it, or type it, I lose all connection and it all falls flat.
Why does that happen?
In my head it flows and I know exactly where I want it all to go…..but somehow I lose it, between the brain and getting it down in book form.
So disappointing…..

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Here I am……   Leave a comment

here you are, looking as wonderful as ever…..

here I am…….falling in love all over again…..

here we are……two hearts colliding….

wondering how we  ever let this end…..

there you go… to your own world…..

here I stand……watching you walk away…..

there we go……gone with the wind……

here I am wondering if it will always be this way…….

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oops I did it again….   Leave a comment

I picked up a box of paper, heavy paper off of the floor and pulled a muscle in my back.
Darn it, why don’t I learn?
But how else was I to get it where it needed to be.
I hate this getting older crap.
hate how I can so easily hurt myself doing simple little things.

I don’t want to be twenty again, but I would like to be able to do simple little tasks that don’t cause injury to myself.

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1,000   2 comments

this is my 1000th post, on this blog site.
Many people only write when they feel like they have something to say.
Many people go months without writing a thing.
For me this is an outlet.
And if no one ever reads it but me, then that is just how it is.

it is a diary of sorts, although I don’t share my innermost feelings here.

It gives me something to look forward to.
it is an expression of who I am.
And let’s face it, I am an original.

So while I wrote hundreds of blogs on a previous blog site that I can no longer get into, I find myself completely alright with that and very much at home here.
When I first started this one, I was heartsick to not be able to get to that one.
now I just feel like here is where I am meant to be.

So Happy 1000th to me!

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