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The Upside of Anger   Leave a comment

I had seen the above titled movie several  years ago and about a year ago they were having a sell at Walmart and it was on sale for $5 so I bought it.

It is a good movie.
Funny is a lot of places.
not wonderful but definitely one of those “Sleepers” that didn’t get the attention it deserved at the time.

It stars Joan Allen and Kevin Costner

I’m not a huge fan of Kevin Costner and I still am not after this movie but he does a fairly decent job in it.
He is one of those men like James Cameron, Mel Gibson, Michael Douglas, Harrison Ford to name a few, who have dumped the first wife to marry a younger woman.
No respect for men like that.

But anyway…the movie was decent.


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Monday again   Leave a comment

well here it is Monday again.
Seems like they come around awfully quickly.

My daughter is still sick having a fever of 102 now and not being able to keep anything down.
I feel awful for her.
She said she has broken blood vessels in her eye lids and face due to so much vomiting.

I hope the baby can survive this.
The baby means everything to her and I hope he stays well and cocoon in her and lives through this.

I got all my Monday morning chores done and now I am off to stock bathrooms and do lunch for the children.

I hope it is a good day

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