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Indian summer   Leave a comment

Today it got to 75 and was incredibly beautiful
A lot of sun shine and warm balmy air.

The leaves are all oranges, yellows and reds and drifting slowly to the ground, as the day feels like summer of a couple of a months ago.

Tomorrow it is suppose to rain and the rest of the week is suppose to be cloudy and chances of rain every day.

so today was probably the last really nice day we will have until next Spring.

Loved today but I wouldn’t want it any warmer.


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instant replay   Leave a comment

is it necessary?
The baseball umpires are starting to look like they are out there day dreaming and not paying close attention to what is going on.
But I wonder, is it necessary?
Is it life or death?
Just more thing people have to worry about… the big scheme of life.
but for  me, I could care less…..

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the lost boy   Leave a comment

yesterday a boy I use to know turned 21.
I just wrote him a note on face book and wished him a late happy birthday.

He was my youngest daughter’s boyfriend for four years all through their high school years.
I was positive he was the one who she would marry one day.

but he decided once he was in college, away from her and around all those other girls, he decided he no longer wanted a relationship with her.
She was devastated for months but finally got over him and now she is with her boyfriend and they will no doubt marry one day and are expecting a baby in May

so she and Bryan, her old boyfriend obviously weren’t meant to be.

Still I think of him from time to time and I feel sad because he was such a big part of our lives at one time.

He is a junior in college and I hope his life is everything he wants it to be.

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walking baby   Leave a comment

my precious eleven month old grand daughter is walking!!!
She is incredibly precious and a complete joy in my life and I love to watch her walk.
mom's pics 3 192

already I can tell that she is starting to thin down because she is more active.
Love love love being Nana to my grand daughters.

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Flu   Leave a comment

my daughter is getting better but now my three year old grand daughter is getting sick.
She has a fever of 102 and a headache.
I ache for her and any child who is sick and can’t do anything to make themselves better.

Sick of this flu crap.
I know it is going around and I know it will hit us weather we want it to or not….but I wish we could get a deep freeze to kill it.
No I don’t want winter yet but if that is what it will take to get rid of the flu, that is what I wish for.

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honey we would plant trees   Leave a comment

years ago when my oldest son Brian was eight or so…he asked me what we would do if money grew on trees?

I think my own mother used that statement several times in his presence

She was very fond of saying “Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know?”

So when my sweet innocent son asked me what I would do if money grew on trees, I simply said with a smile
“Honey we would plant trees”

If only it was that simple

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look up   Leave a comment

I sit here looking at my blog header, of the ocean and the sun coming up.
It is quite beautiful
But there is a spot in there, not quite center but a bit off to the right and in the water where there is something there.
Is it a dolphin?
It is a boey?
or could it be someone out for a swim?

While I sit here and dream of being right there in that picture…..I think….it must be a dolphin, who has come to grace the photographer with its existence.
 or someone may be out for a morning swim?
but most likely it is a boey that they have out to let boats know they are not supposed to go past this certain point…..

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deep thinking   Leave a comment

I am 19 months away from my 50th birthday.
And I realize I have a good life and a lot of things to be thankful for, but I know by the time I am 50 I want some changes made in my life.

for instance, a different job.
I toy with the idea of going back to school, but that would just put us further in dept then we are now, and while I know it would pay off in the end,……it keeps me from thinking too seriously about it.

I tell myself the benefits are good here and just to grin and bear it and stick it out here.
I can retire in 17 years so I should just stick with this.
(I feel this way today, tomorrow I won’t want to be here another minute let alone 17 more years!)

In 17 years my little peanut that isn’t even born yet will be able to get a driver’s license.
Keira will be Emily’s age of 20

Mirielle will be 24, Kayla will be almost 18.

I will be 65!

so while I think of the future I think of all the things I need to do to get to that point.
Save money, get out of dept…..

I want to travel!
See the country, every single state before I leave this earth.

There are so many possibilities out there……

And yet I have to sit here and wait…….
Not that I want life passing me by, I don’t…….

I have a great life and wonderful grand children to make every day wonderful.

Still the future sits like a crown of jewels on a soft billowy cloud, just with in my sight, but out of my reach.

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I Need a vacation   Leave a comment

I just realized after requesting December 28, 29, and 30th off, a couple of weeks ago, that I will have eleven days off there from December 24th through January 3rd.
Eleven days!
Sounds like I need to go some where.
Some place warmer and with water around it.
now all I need is the money to go.

We always get two days at Christmas and two days for the New Years, and with the weekends in there and those three days off, I will have eleven off all together.

now where am I going to find the money to….go……

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another day   Leave a comment

well now we are sitting on Wednesday.
I am back at work and while my back still hurts (honestly it hurts every day) I think I am well enough to be here at work.

No muscle spasms any way.

It is Wednesday, or Hump day as we all who work a forty hour week and get weekends off like to affectingly call it.

two more days after today before the weekend is here again.

My sister wrote me an email earlier about wishing she was rich.
I can’t imagine there is any one on the face of this earth who doesn’t wish that.
I know I do.

To never have to work again would be wonderful.
Unfortunately it isn’t going to happen that way….unless I have a rich relative out there that I don’t know about who dies and leaves his or her fortune to me.
Not going to happen


so I got all my  morning chores done here at work, and in an hour I will be heading to the gym to do breakfast.

I have a headache and my back still hurts but….some how I will muttle through.

The most exciting thing happening to me, other than the baby coming in May is the holidays coming.
I get four days off over Thanksgiving (counting the weekend) and I am taking the last week of December off, so there will be eleven days off in there counting the holidays off for Christmas and New Years (we always get two days off for both holidays)

And Kayla will be turning one and Mirielle will be turning 7 in November.

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