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Let’s Not~   Leave a comment

I leave here in forty five minutes to go to work.

I would prefer to hibernate for the next 36 hours or so.

Sure am not thrilled with this weather.
I do see that they decided that the US Mail will not be delivered in our part of Iowa tomorrow.

Maybe it is the entire state, I don’t know.

That makes me happy for those workers.

No one should have to be out in this crap.


So my feeling is ” Let’s not do this and say we did”
If it were that simple.




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Baby It’s Cold, No Freaking Freezing Outside!   Leave a comment

8e4cff9a53a39d3a8dc218c18bd06ee7The cold air slaps at you like a thousand shreds of ice glass spraying you like a gust of ocean waves, without the giddiness and fun of dancing to the waves tunes.

It is a shock, when that air hits you.

Your head either reels back to avoid the ugly iciness, or you are ducking your face deeper into your coat to try and out smart the friged spray.

Either way before you make it to the car, or the building, or where ever you can get to and get out of the artic air, trying not to breathe or dilly dally along.

This isn’t a strolling kind of weather.

Even the elderly move faster than they have in years to get out of the icy wind.

People joke “Looks like someone in Canada left a door open again”

Or I read one today that said “You remember when you said that you would get back with your ex when hell freezes over?  Looks like that reunion will be Wednesday of this week”

I guess it is nice that people can joke about it.

I personally hate it this cold.

And I know a lot of people do

To me this is cabin fever weather.

I have no desire to be out in it, and worry about my family who have to go to work

This is a killing kind of cold

Dogs left outside freeze to death

People out in this can freeze to death.

It is not a enjoyable time at all.

It makes me want to move to Florida or Arizona or Southern California.

Anywhere but here.

I did read yesterday that there is 56 days till spring…….and the weathermen say by the weekend it will be above 32 degrees again.

I sure hope so…….


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All I need~   Leave a comment

I just need $30,000 to pay for a garage for my husband and to pay off a couple of bills.

That is all I need.
Damn it isn’t that much.


Wish I had a relative who could loan it to me.



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A Cold~   Leave a comment

Thanks to my grand daughters, I have a cold.

Stuffed up nose, but yet a runny nose, coughing but yet sneezing too.


I was in bed before six thirty last night and slept till five forty five this morning.

Amazing and yet I obviously needed it do to this dang cold.


It is going to be another freezing week in Iowa this week and I think they will cancel school on Wednesday at least.

It is supposed to be -25 for the high on Wednesday.


Tomorrow I think is -10, which means they may cancel that too.

By the weekend it is supposed to be up closer to the freezing mark.


beautiful picture 18

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Sunrise This Morning~   Leave a comment

I was heading to Wilton this morning and this is what I saw.

Talk about beautiful

today one

today four

today eight

today nine

today ten

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Too Damn Cold~   Leave a comment

Well they canceled school tomorrow due to it supposed to being -20 tomorrow morning with wind chills at -50.

Welcome to winter in Iowa.

I detest it getting that cold.

I know, everyone does.

But it means I will have all three grandkids tomorrow.

Which is fine, but I will be coming off my night shift and I will be tired.


Maybe Rick will stay home and help me.

I know he will if I asked him to.


I am ready for spring.

I don’t mind winter if it stays above thirty two degrees but this cold, bone chilling dangerous cold is just too much.



It is pretty though and bright with all of the snow on the ground.

five one




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Sickly Ava~   Leave a comment

My almost six month grand daughter is sick with a fever and cold.

She has one baby tooth that came in too which will cause a bit of a fever but her fever was 101.7 earlier today which is a bit high for a baby tooth according to Google.

I adore my baby girl and it is so painful to see her sick and I am helpless to help her.

The grandkids didn’t have school today due to ice, but I am betting they will go tomorrow.

That will make it easier to care for Ava as when it is too noisy she can’t rest and relax like she can when it is just the two of us.

off to work here shortly for my three night stint of third shift and then I have the weekend off.
Which makes me super happy.



1507 I’m missing the warmth of the sun and ocean.


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Are You a Half Glass Full Or Half Glass Empty Kind of Person?   Leave a comment

I always and have always felt like I am the glass is half full.

Most people I know are the glass is half empty.

Most people I know are down and blue.
It is depressing to me

Most people complain and can’t find any happiness.

Which saddens me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not always sunshine and roses, but I do know that I have so very many blessings.

Every child and grandchild I have are gifts from God.

I have my health and all of my family is healthy.

I have a good job, a nice home and a man who loves me.

I want for nothing.

Not really.

My glass is always half full.

Yes I would love to retire completely and just bask in life and my grandchildren but that will happen one day.

Maybe not for a few years yet but I know it will happen.

Life is what you make of it.

I just wish the people I know would see it that way and not be so unhappy.

The constant complaining just wears on my soul.



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Life this day~   Leave a comment

Well I have to be at work here in about an hour and twenty minutes.

I sure hope this is my last two till ten and I can go back to just working nights.

I detest second shift.

It just is not for me.

Give me first or third any day.

We have enough employees now that I should be able to just work third.

Hopefully my boss sees it that way.



I am missing my grandson’s ballgames working second shift.

I missed my grand daughter’s birthday party due to working second shift.

It just stinks and I hate missing out on things.

Working third I can at least sleep when I need to and not miss out on things.


Ideally I would like to quit working all together.
But that is just the same old song different day scenario.


lake in montana

I need a vacation.

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Headache, Grandchildren and Work~   Leave a comment

I have a headache and have had it all day.

I am thinking it is due to not sleeping right and the neck pain is causing the headache.
My grandchildren just went home.

Miss Ava is so dang wonderful.
Twice today she covered her eyes to go to sleep.

hiding eyes

I just love her to pieces.

I love the others too but Ava is so sweet and innocent.

I was thinking earlier how sad it is that we won’t be having any more grandbabies.

I know six is a good number but Miss Ava makes me think having six more would be great too.


My friend Laurie gets to come back to work so she will be working with me this weekend.

I am glad she is back.

Hopefully I can finally go back to third shift and just work third shift once the two new kids get the training done.

I work tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday 2-10

I told my husband when he was complaining about grandkids, that I would be more than happy to stay home and watch them and he work.

He makes twice plus what I make an hour.

But unfortunately he can only make $30,000 a year.




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