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The Back~   Leave a comment

Since I quit working eleven weeks and three days ago I haven’t hardly had any issues with my back.

But every now and then, like today, I do something stupid and hurt it and I forget how painful it use to be every single day when I was working for the school district.

Not so much when I was a personal care attendant, but it still hurt a bit.

My grandchildren have the entire basement to play in and they did today for hours.
I go down there to check on it and clean it and the double mattress is off the bed, toys every where and two area rugs picked up and thrown elsewhere.

Trying to get the double mattress back on the bed frame caused the back ache.


It is great to let the grandkids play down there because they have a lot of fun and there isn’t anything they can break.

But cleaning up after them can be a chore.

I will have to talk to my grandson and my four year old grand daughter tomorrow about the mess.

I know, they weren’t the only ones down there.

My ten year old grand daughter was down there too and my brother- in – laws grand daughter Aubry too.

So I know it wasn’t just the two that I watch every day.

However it was a mess.


Love them all so much.



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Exceptional Picture~   Leave a comment

rose red sunset.jpg

my son sent me this picture from Florida.

No he isn’t in Florida but someone he know posted it from Florida.

Talk about beautiful.

Just love it.

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Weather~   Leave a comment

I have a pet peeve.

If the weather man says it is going to be hot and humid shouldn’t it be hot and humid?
They have been saying all weekend that it is supposed to be hot and humid, so every day I close the windows and put the air on.

To find that it isn’t a hot and humid day after all.

It annoys me.

Why can’t they get it right?
How can you do a job and do it badly and still get paid for it?
So annoying.

This is my gripe for the day.




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Weekend Gone Again~   Leave a comment

Here it is eight pm on Sunday night.
The weekend is over again.

I don’t know where they go.

One minute it is Friday night and then suddenly it is Sunday night.

I know, it is longer than a minute, but that is how it feels like it.

Friday night we had dinner with my husband’s sister and her husband and yesterday we went to my youngest son’s house for his daughter’s 13th birthday.

We stayed until eleven thirty.

Friday night I wasn’t in bed till midnight and last night it was twelve thirty.

I need to get to bed earlier tonight.

God willing I will.


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Positive Proof~   Leave a comment

In case you haven’t heard, this lady

Julia Hawkins  Julia Hawkins, started running at the age of 100, now three years later she is still running and breaking records.

This is proof it is never too late to start something new.

She loves to run.

Her nickname is “Hurricane”

She gives inspiration.

She gives hope.

What an incredible feat….


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Florida Bound~   Leave a comment

Here in 18 days we will be flying to Florida for a week.

My daughter and her husband and three kids are going as well.

It will be enjoyable.

We usually stay in Daytona but my daughter  found a condo in Palm City that she wanted to stay at so we are staying there.

A bit north of Daytona.

The condo looks ritzy and out of our league, but I will post pictures when we get there.

The ocean is there, which looks very quiet compared to Daytona Beach, and the pool looks pristine and lovely.

My daughter’s husband Adam doesn’t seem to keen on it, he came from a family who never went on vacation so I assume he thinks it is a waste of money and time.

But Emily deserves a vacation and she never had a honeymoon so I think he realizes that too.

I’m sure it will be a great time.

daytona beach

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Good Lord~   Leave a comment

I had a great title for this blog, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was.
OR what I was going to write about.

Ticks me off  beyond words.

I have a stomach ache due to eating popcorn at my grand daughter’s game last night.
I know better than to eat popcorn, but every once and a while I like it.

Now I am paying the price.


Just not worth it.

I find as I get older my stomach doesn’t tolerate things like it use to.
Milk is another thing that causes me to have stomach aches.

Lettuce is another thing.



This getting old……….


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Sister’s~   Leave a comment

Late yesterday afternoon I went to Applebee’s in Coralville to meet three of my sister’s.

It was a great visit however driving home I felt like I hogged the conversation which annoys me when I think about it.

I know my own thoughts and feelings so I should have been quieter and let them talk, but my sister Carolyn asked me about my husband and I vented.

I know I have a good husband but he does annoy me so therefore I let it all out in front of the three of them.

Hey what are sister’s for?

It was a good visit though and always nice to see them

Wanda came up from Missouri and she seems to be doing well even though she was a bit quiet.

Carolyn looked like she was in a lot of pain and not feeling well.
She always tries to do too much and always ends up paying for it.

She is almost 75 and needs to slow down.

But of course telling her that is like trying to catch a cloud and bottle it.

She is stubborn and doesn’t listen.

Ahh but it was enjoyable and nice to sit and visit and catch up.

Wanda and Carolyn

Wanda and Carolyn


And Kathy

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Resentment~   Leave a comment

You know I think resentment is a HUGE Alert factor in a marriage.

He resents me and I resent him and therefore we grow further apart.

My husband HATES when I disagree with him.

Hates it so much that he acts like he hates me.
How dare I disagree with him?

I detest his talking to me like I am a child and can’t think for myself.

I also resent doing something and then he goes behind me and redoes it.

I detest that with a passion.

I detest how he treats my one and only grandson like everything is his fault and the child can’t do anything right.

I detest how he treats him like he dislikes him.

He did this with our eldest son all of his childhood.

Truth be told he still does it to some extent.

Aaron isn’t a saint nor was my son Brian when he was a boy but hell Aaron is a child.

9 years old and a fairly smart child, but he isn’t an adult and he is still testing boundaries and learning.

No one is perfect and I resent greatly when my husband treats my grandson like he can’t do anything right.

So yeah there is a lot of resentment.

He resents me and I resent him.

Some days I just want to call it quits.

Move out and live on my own


game over





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Aladdin~   Leave a comment

Took two of my grandchildren to the movie “Aladdin” this afternoon.

It was a cute show.

No not fantastic, but Will Smith did a great job and it was entertaining.

The grandkids seemed a bit bored with it but they both said they liked it when we took them home.


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