Mrs. Lazy

Yes that is me, Mrs. Lazy I have no ambition to do anything Things seem like such a struggle Everything does Work, home, sometimes even my grandchildren, which makes me sad to even think that about them. Maybe I’m depressed? I don’t know I wish things were simplier,I wish there were no damn bugs so…


Not sure if my title is actually a word but it is how I feel today Sick to my stomach and nauseated Yuck I’m at work and I’m going to try and stick it out I think I have a bit of a sinus headache too šŸ˜¦

raining cats and dogs

okay, not really. of course it isn’t raining cats and dogs….. I do wonder who came up with such a silly saying…… but it is raining like mad here in WL Iowa. the streets have standing water in them and there is a field across from our place that has water standing in it. sigh…….

headache, vacation and storms

I’ve been fightinga sinus headache for nearly two weeks now It isn’t constant butcomes and goes   Vacation is quickly coming to a close One more day after today, and then we are flying home on Saturday It is amazing to me how fast the time goes Its been stormy in the late afternoons but…