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It makes me smile~   Leave a comment

It is cooler today.

How I LOVE it!!!

It really lightens the mood when I am not sweating with every step I take.

It almost feels like October out.
And I LOVE it!!!!
I wish it would stay…..


Went home yesterday and cleaned, really cleaned my house.

I got the kitchen, living room and dining room done before my back complained  fiercely and I had to quit.

Something about scrubbing floors hurts my back.


At any rate I have to clean the bedrooms and bathroom this afternoon when I get home.

And with the cool air blowing in it should be a breeze








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Drip~   Leave a comment

that is all I have been doing the last few days is dripping with sweat.


I so hate it.

Especially when I am around others and worry I reek of body odor

yes I bathe daily but still when one is dripping with sweat so much that it is running down their face and soaking their clothes……one can not smell all that great.

I do use little towelettes to  clean up a couple of times a day but still….

I so hate sweating when I am in public.

if I was cleaning in my yard I wouldn’t mind sweating a bit….

The best news is after today the weather men promise no humidity and cooler temps.

It is only supposed to be 80 today but with a dew point in the high seventies.

Just miserable.

And this school is so hot….

sweating two




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Changes~   Leave a comment

So now that I am probably diabetic.

(I haven’t gotten the official word yet)

I am taking great pains in planning my meals.

I have gone exactly 9 days without sugar and I thought it would be so hard to give it up, but it is actually quite easy.

I am eating a lot of fruit though so I am getting natural sugars through those fruits.

I did cheat and had two margaritas last Friday night which probably wasn’t the best for me, but I feel if I go off the diet once in a while it can’t hurt that much……right?


And I haven’t  cheated since then.


I told myself I am only weighing myself once a week.

Every Saturday morning after I shower.

I can tell I am losing because my stomach and thighs are thinner.

It is a great feeling to lose weight.


My meals mostly consist of various fruits and vegetables and some protein.

I am eating mostly fruits over vegetables although I did have corn and green beans yesterday.

According to the internet beans of all kinds are great for diabetic people.

I am not a big green bean fan but I ate them yesterday.

Today’s menu is two hard boiled eggs for breakfast, a grapefruit, banana, a salad for lunch and a small bowl of strawberries for dessert.

Not sure what dinner will bring but probably oranges and some protein.

I can’t say I am ever really hungry but I am trying to eat small five meals, mostly fruit in between my main meals.

I am going to get healthy and having diabetes just makes me more determined to do so…..







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Grandchildren night   Leave a comment

we had our four youngest grandchildren over last night.

All four are still sleeping although Keira and Bailey are semi awake.

It is always an enjoyable time but Bailey was up till nearly eleven and she was very fussy and overly tired.

When the other three are awake and playing she refuses to sleep

Guess she is afraid she will miss something.

It makes it hard to sleep when they are here but it is one night every other weekend so it is worth it.

Keira made me a pretty picture of a flower and it says “Love you  Nana”

so that was sweet of her.

She has favored me this weekend for some reason.

I have the picture on the fridge.

Later today after the grandkids are gone Brian and I will go kayaking.

looks to be a cloudy day but it should be relaxing.


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8 pounds lighter~   Leave a comment

I am thrilled that I have lost 8 pounds in one week!
It just goes to show me how bad sugar and eating unhealthy things are for me.

I am so thrilled!

Now I just need to keep it going.
Eating protein and vegetables and fruits and cut out all that other bad stuff for me.


I love that I am heading in the right direction.

Maybe I can get rid of the diabetes just by eating right.




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34 and counting~   Leave a comment

Today is my 34th wedding anniversary.

It would have been 38 but my husband and I got divorced after 14 years and then remarried three years later.

This year is our 20th year the second time around.

Marriage has had it’s ups and downs.

Sometimes marriage is hard work.

Sometimes he drives me insane, or as my youngest daughter says…..  bat shit crazy……

But over all  he is my best friend and we have an wonderful family.

I am blessed


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my loves~   Leave a comment


my precious gifts from God, Keira, Kayla, Aaron, Bailey and Mirielle.


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