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Monday again~   Leave a comment

Well I just came off of a three day weekend and I have to say, I wish I had a three day weekend every weekend.

It was gloriously nice.

But it is the beginning of a new work week and while I don’t mind being here, I would rather be home.

Our Indian Summer is sticking around all week which is nice.

I love winter but every day that it is nice out is one less day of having to put sand and ice melt down and shovel snow.


Of course if I found a different job I would never have to deal with ice and snow.


But one of these days I won’t be so lucky…..





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True words~   Leave a comment


And they love and respect each other and their children are little mini ME’s of my kids.

Life is good.


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Weekend plans~   Leave a comment

Well here it is the last weekend of October.

Amazing how fast this month has gone.

4 weeks ago yesterday Cyndi died and it will be an actual month tomorrow.


I know she is gone and I know she is in a better place but I still feel like I am living a bad dream.


I know it takes time to heal.


We are having Aaron and Bailey for a few hours today due to their parents wanting to go to a movie and then do some Christmas shopping.

I had no great plans for the day other then bumming and spending some time in my den listening to music and working on a puzzle I have down there.

I am doing laundry but that is almost done as well.


Tomorrow will be a calm relaxing doing nothing day so I can handle have the two grandchildren today.

Plus it is really nice outside 71 and the last of October so I imagine they will both want to be outside for the most of the day.

This weather is weird but one day more of nice weather means a little shorter winter.

One of these days it will be coming though.
Not that I mind, I love winter and I adore the holidays.

Happy Weekend one and all!

This is my puzzle picture.  Exactly this except of course it isn’t snowing in the puzzle.

I hope to get it done soon so I can move on to a new one.




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Personal day and Friday’s~   Leave a comment

I ok the day off today, using my one and only personal day that I get every year .

I am watching my grand daughter Bailey who at the moment is sitting in the other recliner watching children’s videos on my IPad.

She is always so extremely easy to take care of.


Anyway I am home.

Not doing much yet since she is here but my husband will be home by lunch time and then I will go out and get my flower beds prepared for winter.


Which basically is just putting a lot of mulch down over top the flower beds.


Friday’s use to be my favorite day of the week, but my sister died 4 weeks ago this evening and I hate what that represents.

I still find it hard to believe she is gone.

Yes I know she is but it is still hard for me to comprehend.

Maybe I just don’t want to.



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Summer is returning~   Leave a comment

So the weather channel said this morning that it is going to be 54 today and then 78 tomorrow and 75 on Saturday.

Sounds like summer weather again.

NOT that I mind that it isn’t cold and snowing but honestly 78 degrees on October 28th?
Isn’t that a bit weird?

We have closed all the storm windows in the house, preparing for winter.

And now it is going to be summerlike again.


Maybe I will see if there is a chance I can take the day off…..

Probably not at this late of a notice but one can try…..

nothing ever goes away



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Life~   Leave a comment

Well two months from now Christmas will be over with

It is amazing to me that this year has gone by as fast as it has.

Where does the time go?

I have been talking with my sister about her moving back to Iowa, she is hoping to be here by the end of the year…….but in her blog she said maybe not till next July.

I will help her move back if she needs me to.

If not, that is fine as well.

I sure wish she could find a job so she could start planning .

I would hate my life being in limbo.


It is a cold and rainy day here today.

Very fall like.

But it is October 26th so I guess it is to be expected.


For the most part life is good.

It would be better if I could retire and Cyndi was still with us but  as I have said before……we are all promised a death.

I just wish she could have lived longer and been healthier.






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Family~   1 comment

After I got off work yesterday I drove to Kalona to see my sister and to get two bags full of my sister Cyndi’s clothes, that Carolyn (my eldest sister) thought might fit me or one of my two younger sisters.

I picked out a few things but most of it is just not my style.

But I will save the bags of clothes so my sister who will one day move back up to Iowa from Florida can go through them.

Anything she doesn’t want I will give to goodwill.

When visiting Carolyn I felt like she wasn’t as warm and loving as usual.

Not sure what that was about but she did nothing but complain about everyone.

People are too choosy, people are too selfish, people are too full of themselves……

I didn’t find it to be a very good visit at all.

And then she starts running down our mother and it is time for me to go.

I know our mother wasn’t a saint, but I do believe she did the best she could under the circumstances we lived in.

I believe my mother was very depressed, even bipolar, but of course that was before doctor’s knew much about anyone being bipolar.

Mom was hard to live with at times.

Mom was insecure and lonely.

But she was my mother and I hate when anyone, ANY ONE puts her down.

No I wasn’t alive when Carolyn was a child.

No I don’t know how mother was to her.

But I know how she was with me and I forgive her any thing she may have done that hurt me.


Regardless of it all, it is in the past and I think that is where it should be left.

Carolyn has a lot of bitterness in her and even now, at 72 she has a hard time letting go of things that happened thirty or more years ago.


I have made mistakes with my own children and I do hope they have forgiving me.

No one is perfect.

Some times some people forget that.

my family

The 8 of us in 1985

The only family picture we ever have taken together.
Ric, Kathy, Cyndi, Carolyn, Linda

Mom, Wanda and Me.




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The Accountant   Leave a comment

My husband and my two sons and one daughter in law and I went to this movie yesterday afternoon.

The Accountant.

I really didn’t want to see it as I thought it looked too much like a Jason Bourne movie but it turned out to be much better then I expected.

I like Ben Affleck.

My husband doesn’t care for him much but I like him.

The story was well done


And the movie was good.

A bit slow at first but still good.



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Inconcievable   Leave a comment


That is my word for the day.

It is inconceivable that it is Monday morning already.

Where did the weekend go to?
Good grief they fly by!

How I hate it.


I made my bedroom/den bigger yesterday.

I moved my bed to the furthest wall and moved my desk to the center of the room.

It makes it look more open.

And I love it.

Hate that crowded feeling.

There is still work to be done on it and I may change a few things around yet again, but for now it is better then it was.



Christmas eve is two months from today.

Insane how fast the time  goes.


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Another one bites the dust~   Leave a comment

about 6 and a half years ago I bought 2 queen sized air mattress’s for a trip we took to Tennessee, with our three younger kids and their families.

Well about two years ago one of the mattress’s got a whole in it and died.

They were $75 a piece.

Well last night the second one bit the dust.

It is sad to see it go as the grandkids used it every time we had them so that they had a place to sleep

Now we will have to buy another one and soon as the grandkids will be here in two weeks again.

We get them and they stay over night every other Saturday night.


I wrote about a paragraph more but unfortunately this computer just erased it.

Not sure why that happens.

So damn frustrating!


Keira loves monkey’s, thus this picture is for her.





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