is it possible?

is it possible to be beyond exhausted? if so I have reached it. I am so very tired. Tired of this house mess, tired of waiting, tired of working, tired of humidity I am just plain and simply bone tired. not sure I have ever felt this tired before. ugh I would love to be…


Adam finally asked my daughter Emily to marry him. They share two children. Aaron is five and Bailey is 9 months. I imagine there will be a wedding next year some time. 🙂

in my world

we got moved. or I should say we are 99% moved I have to go back and clean the apartment and my husband has to get the washer and dryer out of the basement and his work bench. Our house is a disaster. Boxes and stuff everywhere I will love it though once it is…

where did they all go?

No one writes blogs anymore. It is odd to me and I know I have touched on this subject before. People use to write daily, or at least weekly, now everyone I read doesn’t write a blog. my sister Kathy is the only exception and even she doesn’t write daily. I love to write a…

brain bleep

I would so love to tune out the world right now Just spend my three-day weekend working on getting the new house livable and getting all of our things out of the apartment. Yes I know it will all fall into place. Yes I know a week from now I will be living in the…

To Her

this is for Her. I’m not going to name Her, but she is deep in my heart and I hope and pray that one day she will realize that the life she has is pretty damn great……….if only she would let it be.

the hubby and moving

So I have been packing for the last two weeks. Actually probably longer. Probably closer to a month, but I slowed way down because I was running out of room to put everything that was packed. My hubby said to me yesterday “Let’s just start moving.  I’m sick of sitting around waiting so let’s give…

the birthday boy

My one and only grandson Aaron is five today. He is a rambunctious ornery healthy happy boy. I love him dearly. happy birthday Aaron.

35 years ago today

Did you know that 35 years ago today, Mount  Saint Helen’s erupted? I have been to the mountain and it is a beautiful place to see. The pictures of it that devastated the state of Washington all those years ago are still unbelievable today. this is ash on the ground, not snow Scientists say that Mt….