16 weeks and 3 days~

I put the above title because in this time, when it has come to an end, I am retiring from the school district. It seems like a long way off and like I told my sister really too early to count, but…..I thought it might be worth mentioning. Ideally I would like to never work…

Bill Paxton~

  I was saddened to hear of Bill Paxton’s passing. No he wasn’t a favorite actor but I think he was a decent one. It is funny because the day he died I was surfing the channels and he came on to promote his newest TV series. And then I found out later he died….

A Warm And Rainy Day~

It is fifty some degrees out and raining. It is supposed to get to 65 today. I have tulips coming up in my yard which I hate as it is way too early. Tomorrow is the first of March and we could have a lot of freezing cold and snowy weather. Sigh.  

Love my Monday’s when…..

I love Monday’s when I have the day off. 🙂 Love having days off period. Going to clean a bit and then go for a walk when it warms up.  

Not going to cut it

I have had five hours of sleep due to grandchildren not settling down to go to sleep till almost eleven thirty. I have been awake since five. Ugh. I will definitely need a nap later when everyone goes home. Sigh. Getting too old to only have a little bit of sleep


My eldest son Brian is 36 today. We are having his birthday dinner tomorrow as he and most of the family are going to an indoor football game in Cedar Rapids. I have no desire to go so I will stay home with Kayla who doesn’t want to go either and Bailey who is two…

Friday’s How I love Thee~

Yippee! It is finally Friday! No the week hasn’t really been long, they rarely are anymore, but I  am extra thrilled it is Friday today because I am taking a vacation day on Monday so that means I get a three day weekend. I so LOVE my Friday’s. Brian is turning 36 tomorrow       But…

Should I do it?

Okay I am still talking to my Human Resources about retiring. I would get a one time payment of a bit over $28,000 I could pay off quite a few bills and only have my car payment and a bank loan left to pay on. I would work but of course I wouldn’t be making…


Well after looking over my finances I should just stay here and work four to eight more years. I just can’t see giving up nearly $20 an hour to work and probably work harder to make ends meet. One thing I know about myself is I don’t want to be scrapping by. I want there…

Early Retirement?

So we have been offered to retire if we want to. I would get 70% of my income which would be about $800 less a month. But if I worked a part time job some where or even full time I could make that money up. I am on the fence. A HUGE part of…