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The weekend is finally here   Leave a comment

Alrighty then, I love the weekends, even if I do nothing and have nothing planned, I still love being home and not working.
oh if only I could never have to work again.

I’m tired, and I would love to take a nap, however we are heading to Iowa City to have supper with my eldest son before he and his family leave in the morning to visit my eldest child in Wisconsin.

We are going to have Keira and Kayla with us and we had planned on getting groceries too but as tired as I feel, I’m not sure I am going to be up for it.

Maybe tomorrow or Sunday.
but we shall see.
Maybe after I eat I willย  have all kinds of energy.
Plus it depends on the girl’s moods too.

Anyway I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend doing what ever makes you happy.


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a state of mind   Leave a comment

a friend of mine has been down and unhappy for a while and I have been trying to cheer her up

I told her this morning that everything is a state of mind.
You just have to find a way to deal with it all

you just do it, you don’t dwell on it all of the time.

it’s there in the back of your mind and it doesn’t run to the surface unless something triggers it and then it comes slamming home with such a force that you are required to be reminded.

but I believe a person has to look to the future and not dwell on the past and the what ifs?

the past is over with and done and nothing can bring it back.
The future is blooming a head of us and has all the promise of something wonderful.

My husband told me several times that “Happiness is a state of mind”
I’m not sure I agree with that one hundred percent because even the happiest people have problems.

I think what he was trying to say is, if you convince yourself that you are happy, then you are.

I personally think, don’t dwell on the unhappy things.
Look to all the good things….
going back to that cup always being half full.

thinking about what could have been or what should have been, is a waste of time.
Concentrate on what will be and what the future holds and all the blessings in your life……

it really is a state of mind.

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the full picture of my new blog header   Leave a comment


isn’t this beautiful?

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reading/writing   Leave a comment

for the past three months I find I am reading two or three books a week.
I love to read.

I just finished Nicholas Sparks “The Last Song” which was fairly decent.
Now I am reading “Handle with Care” by Jodi Picoult.

it is pretty good.

they both write pretty simply and I wonder why I can’t do the same?
my sister, (who if she got off her butt and did it), could be a famous writer.
She has an incredible knack for describing things and using words that I would never think of using as she sets the scenes for her story.

I of course haven’t been able to write for almost two weeks, which I hate.
But although I would love to become published and make my mark in the writing industry, I basically do it for my own pleasure.
A hobby of sorts.

to me a good book is like a great movie.
it just unfolds perfectly before my eyes like it does on the big screen.

oh if only……..

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coughing   Leave a comment

about fifteen minutes ago I swallowed wrong and went into a hard knocking coughing fit.
Hate when that happens.
I have even swallowed my own saliva wrong and choked on it.
How insane is that?

but when the eyes are tearing and the chest is roaring for air while I am coughing my lungs out, it makes me think… closer attention to what you are doing!
Which I usually forget…..until the next time I have a coughing fit.

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what’s going on in my life today?   Leave a comment

It is Friday thank God.
It has been a long week in some ways but it others it seems like it has gone quickly.
I know, what a contradiction!

aside from watching the girls this weekend and getting groceries I have no major plans.
Wouldn’t mind hitting a movie but we shall see.
Seems like there is never enough money to go around so in many ways do I want to spend close to $30 for a movie?

Keira is still sick, Em is slowly getting better and I feel a bit off.
Last night I felt like I could puke and had a crappy headache.
Right now I feel like I don’t have a lot of energy and feel light headed at times.
No fever though so I am here at work.

It is raining still.
Going on over ย twenty four hours of this now and while I don’t mind it, I know most people are sick of it already.

It is Fall in Iowa and to me, this is what happens in the fall.

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