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my daughter has been diagnosed as having H1N1

she is on Tamiflu, which is a pill she takes twice a day for five days.
It cost over $117 dollars!!!

I hope it helps her.

The Tamiflu hasn’t been decided by the Central Disease Control if it will cause harm to her baby or if it won’t.
It is approved by the CDC but again there isn’t enough usage of it to know whether it will harm a fetus.
let’s hope for my daughter’s sake it won’t hurt the baby.


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all quiet on the home front   Leave a comment

the sun is shining and the grand daughters are gone and it is all quiet on the home front again.
I have a full day ahead of me with no plans to fill it.
I could sit and watch movies which is probably what I will be doing.
It is very chilly out, in the thirties but I’m sure it will warm up later.

My youngest child is sick.
I know she is suffering with morning sickness but now she has a fever of 101 and is coughing and having a lot of pain in her chest when she coughs.

I hope it isn’t bronchitis but her boyfriend’s mother had it last week so…chances are she does too.

I think she is going to sleep a lot today, drink plenty of fluids and stay resting.
I think she may have to go to the doctor too though if it isn’t better.
one thing, if it is bronchitis she won’t be working for a while.

But other then worrying about her (I wouldn’t worry so much if she wasn’t pregnant)

I have a whole day ahead of me….

what shall I do?

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