a quiet lovely Sunday morning

it is exceptionally nice out right now almost to the point of being cool I love weather like this. the sun is shining and there is a very small breeze almost paradise. 🙂

movie, grandchildren and cooler weather

I hope to get to a movie today it is rainy and very cool outside which makes for perfect movie weather. the three grand daughters are still here they have their moments when they get a long and then when they don’t I get a bit annoyed when they can’t get along they are ten,…

grandchildren weekend

Tonight I get Keira and Kayla. I may see if Mirielle wants to stay too as she and Keira like playing together some times. I say some times because sometimes they really like each other and some times they can’t get a long for anything.   tomorrow night I have Aaron all night because Emily…

what a beautiful morning

there is no humidity! I opened all the windows at home and turned off the air conditioning. how wonderful! It is supposed to be 82 today and then the 70’s for the next week! how wonderful! Love cooler weather! 🙂

yep, I’m boring

I need to download more pics for my work computer yep, I am boring. 🙂            

a few more

   I so love   a pretty picture 🙂

computer pics

I got a new computer at work and had to erase all I had. Yes I could have backed them up, but she came in and told me today she had to wipe it all out. I was disappointed but I will get pics from my home computer and put them here so tomorrow I…

this just seals the deal

anyone who knows me knows I love sunrises and sunsets this picture just makes me want to go to the Grand Canyon all the more I can’t wait to get here next year, and definitely be there at sunset


I’m listening to oldies here at work while I work Songs like “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” or “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree” those were both popular in the early seventies. my brother-in-law has these six cd’s of the Best Oldies of the early seventies that he loaned me to make copies…

sinus headache and just no ambition today

Ha, I know I never have any ambition. Okay that isn’t quite true, some days I don’t mind being here at all. Monday and yesterday were such days. But today I would just like to be home. I have a story I want to work on and get finished. yes I do believe the writing…