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Things I hate   Leave a comment

I HATE slow computers

I hate bugs

I hate humidity
I hate dieting

I hate when a person pulls out in front of you when you are driving and then go so damn slow you have to hit your brakes behind them

I hate inconsiderate people

I hate when a person can not make up their mind!

I hate dealing with stupid people

I hate being around people who think they know it all or think they are better than I am.

I hate when I am listening to a song and someone starts whistling or singing along

I hate not getting a good night’s sleep

enough said.



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Back to the day to day grind   Leave a comment

I’m back at work

Was I really gone for nine days?
I walked in here this morning and thought really? 9 days?
it seems like one or two

but I had a few messes to clean up because whom ever took my place left a few things in disorder and didn’t take garbage in a couple of other places and now all is as it should be.

Even my office, the night custodians had taken it upon themselves to re-arrange my desk

Ahh not going to happen.
So I had a few little things to do before I could even start the day


but all is well now

the weather is beautiful but unfortunately I heard it is going to get cold again

Mother Nature must hang on to winter for another week I guess.

Vacation was wonderful and very relaxing and just what I needed to get my head on straight.


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home sweet home   Leave a comment

I am home from vacation.

Have been for almost nine hours.

it is good to be home, and get the house back in order

I will be mowing the lawn later and getting groceries and hopefully see my grandchildren before the day is over with.


This is a picture of yesterday morning a few hours before we left Daytona Beach

last day 2013

the sun came out and got near 75 before we headed to the airport.

I love the ocean, but it is good to be home.


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sunburnt   Leave a comment

I got a bad sunburn yesterday and am miserable today

I can’t even be out in the sun it is so bad

I hate being sunburnt

and it is a beautiful day out as well.

but unfortunately I am not out there enjoying it.

instead I am inside watching “Because I said so” with Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore

it is silly.

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angry looking ocean   Leave a comment

more from April 22 2013 002

we have had storms off and on all day

the sun was out maybe 90 minutes today, long enough to get a sunburn again

but even with the storms it is quite beautiful here

love it

and I love the ocean


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beach bum   Leave a comment

stormy clouds on Tuesday 002

I haven’t done much today

been a regular beach bum

I haven’t even gone on a walk yet, just sat on our balcony and visiting with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and just hanging out

it is cloudy here though and the ocean is rough

but it is really nice

75 and hardly crowded at all.

Love this paradise


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the innocence of Kayla   Leave a comment

we had our three grand daughters last night and when Kayla was about ready to leave I pulled her into my arms and she gave me a very nice long tight hug

I sang in her ear softly

you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray

you’ll never know dear how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away

and she pulled back slowly and said to me as she put her hands to her heart

“Nana you just made my heart smile”

I grinned and said “you always make my heart smile”


a bit earlier we were getting her dressed as she said her jeans were too tight and she didn’t want to wear them

well as her mom was coming to get her I helped her put her jeans back on

and I said they were too tight

She said to me “I’m just fat”
I said “No Kayla you are not fat, you are just a little bit chunky”
and she said “The kids at daycare say I am fat”
I said “Oh that hurts me and I hate that they say that to you.  What do you say back”
and she shrugged and said “I say Thank You”

my God this child is so innocent and wonderful.

I would love to hold her and never let go

No I don’t love her more than the other three grandchildren but Kayla is just at the most precious age and still so innocent and sweet in her way of thinking.

I adore my grandchildren

They are perfect gifts from God.

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flu? no way! no how!   1 comment

oh no I fear  I may have the flu today

I was up part of the night last night feeling like I was freezing but having cold sweats.

and today I can’t get warm

this is not good

not good  at all

the only thing that will keep me from being on that plane tomorrow morning is if I can’t get too far away from a bathroom

and what a bummer that would be to miss out on vacation



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half day   Leave a comment

with one hour to go today and a half day tomorrow, I am on the road to vacation time!
I’m happy about that!
it will be very nice to relax for a week and not think of work.

hopefully the sun will shine and the temperatures will be warm and life will be good for this next week



I took this picture last July

I plan on taking a whole lot more of sunrises this next week


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just not feeling it today   Leave a comment

maybe it is because in three days I will be on vacation

or maybe it is because I don’t feel like I am at my best today

but I just am not feeling it.

I don’t want to be at work

okay 80% of the time I don’t want to be at work but today I really don’t.

I just want this to be over

actually I would love to walk out of this place and never return

there are a few people I would miss, co-workers and even some of the children I would miss.
I’m just in a funk I guess.

it’s raining again

actually we had some really good thunderstorms and wild lightning

the rain seems never-ending of late

rain and clouds


I am ready for sunshine and warmth.
Hopefully when I return from Florida I will bring their warmth and sunshine with me.

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