this picture tempts me to plan a vacation to Florida again this Christmas. however I must get some bills paid off and taking $1,500 to go to Florida seems a bit silly, when I could easily put that amount on a bill. sigh. I miss the warm sun and ocean breezes though.

new attitude

yes every day is a new day to make a change but every day is a new day to have a positive attitude as well. 🙂

interesting thought……….

I wonder if anyone disagrees with this statement? kind and consideration is an after thought in today’s world. this makes perfect sense to me as it costs nothing to be kind to others.  

sister day

had a good visit today at my sister Carolyn’s our niece Jackie was there as well and for once Kathy was able to join us too. poor Kathy was only going on two hours of sleep and she has to work tonight, so I do hope she got some sleep when she went home. It…

in the heart of it all

wishing and praying and hoping and praying….. trouble seems to follow us everywhere. just when I think it has all settled down, a upheaveal makes  me realize that it will never be completely settled. so many trails and tribulations. so many complications. why can’t life be easy?

pumping, inhaling, pulse……..

pumping blood inhaling, exhaling pulse is strong I’m alive today and am thankful for that feat. I’m down but I am sure that has more to do with the job than anything else. I want to be home, cleaning, doing laundry and just enjoying my home. I feel like I live at this job. The…

this is my next big adventure

after next year and my trip through Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado, in the year 2014 I am going to Alaska! I can’t wait. I want to go right this minute! 🙂 And then hopefully in 2015 we will go to Hawaii. but Alaska is definitely on the horizon…….. 🙂

something I would like to do

I would like to take off and go on an adventure by myself. I would like to just be somewhere completely alone and find the real me. find what I am made of. The movie “Cast Away” reminds me of what I would like to do. to be stranded on a desert island and to…