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New Year’s eve   Leave a comment

here we are sitting on New Years eve.
Tomorrow is 2010

But we will sit home with our grand daughters while my son and his wife go out and bring in the new year

I haven’t been out on new years eve since I was pregnant with my oldest son 28 years ago.
how sad is that?
But my husband doesn’t like to go out so we don’t go out.

I would like to do something but….don’t we will.

At least not this year with watching the kids

still I hope that every one who does go out, is safe and uses good judgement.
Happy New Year!!!

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Love these Friday’s on Wednesdays   Leave a comment

well this is my Friday again.
I so love these three day weeks where I have to be here Monday Tuesday and Wednesday and get Thursday and Friday off due to the holiday.
This is the best thing about this job.
They are very generous about holidays off.
Can’t ask for anything better than that.

Have a few things to do before my 8 hour shift is over with so I suppose I should get moving.
Happy New Year one and all!
And be safe!

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right about now   Leave a comment

right about now I feel like I could take a nap, thanks to my darling three year old grand daughter getting me up at three am!
I dozed a time or two until I finally got up at four forty but….right now I feel like I could definitely go back to sleep for a while.


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freezer shock   Leave a comment

wow if you step outside today you are in for a freezer shock!
Yesterday morning it was almost thirty degrees out there and felt almost balmy (almost)
this morning it is one above and quite nasty as far as temperatures go.

It just comes right up to you, swirls around you and bites you in a million different places, and if you have exposed skin, watch out, this icy wind likes bare skin best!!!

I’m so ready for spring!

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New Years Resolutions   Leave a comment

I wonder how many people are going to make New Years Resolutions?
And I wonder if most, like myself break them even before the first month is over with?
Every year I make the same resolutions.
Lose weight, eat healthier..find a different job…etc….
And every year I fail miserably

This year I am not making any.
What is the point really?

I need to lose weight but my weight obviously doesn’t bother me too much because I never can stick to a diet and actually lose weight, except a pound or two here and there.
I do try to eat healthier and I do try to make a conscience effort to be aware of what I eat and drink.

As far as the job goes, I can’t get a better job without going back to school to do so.
And while I am not against going to school for something, I have no idea what, and I can’t see going that much further in dept until I have a definite idea on what I would go back to school for.

Besides I don’t need a career.
I just need a job I like well enough and have my time off to spend with my loved ones.

take my vacation once or twice a year and to be able to live comfortably.
And I have all of that, I just don’t care for the job I have.

But….until I figure out what I want to do….I’m not leaving this job.
So…I’m stuck so to speak.

At any rate, there will be no New Years Resolutions for me.
First time in so long…. I can’t say I have ever not had a couple there…..
so here is to a first time…..
Raise your margaritas guys and gals and toast the new year!!!
2010 here we come!!!!

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Welcome home   Leave a comment

I got home from work yesterday afternoon to a sick grandchild.
She had a low grade fever and was stuffed up and feeling crappy.
I took off my coat and she came to me wanting me to pick her up.
I did and said “What’s wrong baby?”
And she promptly answered by puking all over the both of us.
It was curdled milk
she was crying and upset and after the shock and the horrific smell overwhelmed me I got us both cleaned up.
her father took her up stairs where she slept for almost three hours before her mother came home from work and woke her up.

She was fine after that except for a runny nose.

now mind you I am the mother of four children and I was a nurses aide for over two years AND it is my job at the school to clean up vomit messes when ever someone gets sick, so I have a bit of experience in cleaning things up
but it was the shock to have her vomit all over me, down my shirt and into my bra and the God awful smell fill my nose in less than a heartbeat.
I love my grandchildren more than I love my own life, and honestly Kayla can vomit on me any time she likes.
I just wasn’t prepared and it was an exciting “Welcome Home”

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done shoveling, OB appointment and stuff   Leave a comment

took me two hours and forty minutes to shovel entry ways and staircases this morning and then another half hour this afternoon after a snow plow came to do driveways and poured snow back into some of my entry ways.

Went with my daughter to her OB appointment.
She is 19 weeks and will have an ultra sound on January 8th to see if they can see the sex of the baby.
I’m hoping for a grandson but will take what ever the Good Lord wants to bless us with.

I’m down to ninety minutes left of my work day before I can head home.
Not in the mood to do much but I suppose if I try hard enough I can find a few things to fill up my ninety minutes ( I do have a list yet)

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