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Michael’s song




They played this song at Michael’s service the other day and now every time I hear it I think of him.
He was a good singer and musician and this song fits him.

Rest in Peace Michael.

So my night custodian called in sick again today

2nd time in less then a week.

He is on vacation starting July 4th through the 25th.

Not sure why he felt the need to call in sick today.


And the thing of it is, he gets away with it.

if I called in as often as he does….I would be in trouble.

I just don’t understand how one person can get away with so much?
And while no I am not jealous, I am a bit envious that he can do whatever he wants with no consequences and I wouldn’t be able to.




another water picture.

I can’t help myself….it is just so beautiful



utah 2

Love love love my Utah.



there is something about the water that just calls to me.

I can’t even explain it.

All I know is I love watching it

I love being near it

wow again


I don’t feel the greatest.

For one my back hurts and I feel sick to my stomach.


the heat isn’t helping anything either.


just have the Monday blahs…..



we have Emily and her family visiting right now.

Matt said he will be over later to set our TV up with something for us to watch.

We were thinking about going to a movieย  but that probably won’t happen.

Had Michael’s funeral yesterday which was nice.

Now it is almost time to begin a new week at work


some day I can retire……..just have to keep reminding myself that.


smell of the ocean


I love beautiful pictures of the sun rising and setting.




(yes even paintings)

highlands scotland

st pete

spring sunset on Loul Scotland

enough said~


182367_3319022744174_1286236473_nMy husband and I were in Rocky Mountain National Park four years ago today.

Seems like it was a lot longer than that.

It was a great time and I do hope to go back one day.

Rick’s boss was supposed to be leaving todayย for the same area but his son over extended his knee and had to have surgery so they had to cancel the vacation.

Poor guy.

He loves Colorado as much as my eldest sister does.

I so love to travel.

Too bad I can’t be rich and do it all of the time.





always lazy

not feeling it today although I forced myself to finish a room I started yesterday.

I could get another room, a small room done today if I wanted but I am just not feeling the need to.

I am tired and lazy.

Mostly lazy.


And tomorrow is Friday so I will get this small room done then.

And work on cubbies outside of a couple of rooms.

Monday I will start on the hallway on first floor so that when the summer program isn’t here the week of 4th of July I can wax that.

Have a lot to do yet but it is slowly coming together.

Now I just need some get up and go.