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Grandchildren time, rain and a wet dog   Leave a comment

we had Aaron and Bailey over night.

Aaron was asleep before ten last night but Bailey fought sleeping till about ten thirty.

But Bailey woke up at 7:45 this morning and Aaron woke up at 8.

So they both had a great nights sleep.

I did too for the most part


It is raining and will till two or three this afternoon, which in turn makes for a very wet dog.

He has to go out to go to the bathroom and of course he can’t just go to the bathroom, no he has to go and inspect every toy and or bone out there.

And come back in wet and tracking in dirt and mud.

I need to get a towel out there and wipe his paws every time before he comes back in the house.
No great plans for my day other then showering, doing laundry  and cleaning.

I need to get groceries too, but not sure we will do that today or tomorrow.
I so love the weekends



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why yes I have……   Leave a comment


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my husband has used this excuse……..   Leave a comment


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a good reminder   Leave a comment


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so very true.

it took me a long time to realize this.

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wake me up   Leave a comment

ever feel like  you are just going through the motions of life?
that is me of late and I need to wake up!
Life is moving along at an incredible speed and I am going to miss it if I don’t get my act together.

I just told my sister in an email that I need to get back to exercising.

get into shape and feel better

I have become a fat lazy couch potato of late and winter hasn’t even set in yet!
ugh  I can hardly stand myself…..

zippity do dah day

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i can see myself….   Leave a comment

grand canyon national park

When I was a child my mother ranted and raved about the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
I don’t think she ever got to see it.

I took the above picture last September 2014 when Rick and I went on vacation there.

it is a beautiful place

I can see myself going back again…..

hopefully with some of my children and their families.

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grandchildren time   Leave a comment

we have our Keira and Kayla this afternoon and evening while their father works and their mother goes out to dinner with a friend of hers.

not that I mind.
I love spending time with them and it seems like we are seeing them less and less as they get older.

Rick has Bailey today and maybe Aaron later although their mother is off of work so I am not quite sure what she is going to do with her day….

I know she has shopping she wants to do for her upcoming wedding….

I love my quiet time, but I do so love my grandchildren time too.


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scottish sunset

so while I am always thinking of vacation ideas……I have decided if we are not going to Hawaii this next year, I want to drive up to Glacier Mountain National Park in Montana, then down to Jackson Hole Wyoming, back to Estes Park Colorado  to home again.

It is over 3300 miles round trip….

I may see if any of the kids want to go as well….

Brian and his family most likely would go.

Emily and hers…..I’m sure her future husband would say that is too much car traveling for their children

and while I would love for Matt and his family to go….I doubt either he or his wife would want to  and they definitely won’t let us take their girls with us.


still I love planning and researching vacation spots.


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should I or shouldn’t I?   Leave a comment

I’m debating on cutting my hair again.

ideally I wanted it longer for my daughter’s wedding here in five and a half months but I’m not sure I can stand it that long.

I know deep down if I cut it I will regret it, so there lies the answer….

it’s not quite long enough to pull back in a bun……

but I hate it.


But to be honest with you, I have never liked my hair…….

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