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It is Saturday morning almost nine thirty in the morning.
I got up, did twenty-five minutes of exercise and am now eating some yogurt and checking in to the world of the internet.

(I know 25 minutes isn’t anything, but I have to start out slow and build up with this old body of mine)

No great plans today other than seeing my grand daughters later and watching the two youngest ones.
I may talk my husband into going to a movie.
I haven’t decided yet.

There is a couple I would like to see.

but if we don’t go that if fine too.

I have my usual chores, cleaning the house and what not.
I think I will save laundry for tomorrow evening since I just did two loads on Thursday night.

Well I am writing again and I hope I get to do that for at least a while today too.
got it all worked out in my head, now I just need to get it from my brain to the paper.
Which sounds easier than it usually is.

Anyway I am off to take my bath.
Happy Saturday everyone!

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I’m writing again   Leave a comment

Oh it feels so good.
the writing bug is back again!!
I am thrilled.
The words are just flowing out of me.
I can’t tell you how much I love to just spend hours forming this story!!!
How I love it!!
If only I could make my living this way!!!!


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Halloween   Leave a comment

to me Halloween is a wasted holiday.
I don’t like it.
I never have.
People get dressed up and act stupid ninety-five percent of the time.
I know children have fun with it and get candy but with the obesity rate in this country, why would we encourage children to eat more candy?

I just think they should do away with it.

Of course this is my opinion and I know the stores make loads of money off of this holiday, but ……I will be glad when it is over with.

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some where my love   Leave a comment

this is one of my  favorite of all time themes, also known as “Lara’s Theme”
I love this song and “Dr. Zhivago” is one of my all time favorite movies.

Doctor ZhivagoLara’s Theme

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my peanut’s heartbeat   Leave a comment

I got to hear my daughter’s baby’s heartbeat today.
it was great and brought tears to my eyes because my daughter was so happy she started crying.
Eleven weeks old today!!!

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I am extremely thankful that Colorado got that three-foot of snow and we didn’t.
I just can’t  imagine it.
The world would stop here in Iowa if we got three-foot of snow.
Literally, no one could move or function.
or at least it would take a day or two before the roads were passable so we could all get up and go to work again.

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resting my soul   Leave a comment

I am a tit-for-tat kind of woman.
I am more than happy to help my fellow man.
I would scratch your back if you would scratch mine so to speak.
I believe in justice and humanity and I root for the under dog more then I would the guy standing on top of the mountain.

But I will not, will not, jeapordize my soul for anyone

I can try to be the best friend I can to someone, only to have them drain me dry with the expectations they want me to hold for them and I just can’t do it.

My soul belongs to God.
My heart belongs to my family and nothing in this world is as important as God and family.
Yes having ones health is extremely important too, but my gifts from God are what keeps me sane and whole and complete

Nothing on this earth with jeapordize my family and my need to be with them.
Only God could turn me away from them and I know He wouldn’t do that because it is from Him that I have my family.

I am not a perfect person.
I have many flaws and I am a sinner.
Like every one else in this world I want what I want when I want it and I am not patient.
I can be cruel and a bitch if the situation warrents it.

But most of the time I am peaceful and restful.

who I am as a person is all that I have to give to my family.
God owns my soul and I know He will keep it safe, as long as I believe in Him.

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