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I’ve been watching FX’S Fargo on Hulu.

The first season was quite good.

The second I just started and am not impressed with yet.

It’s been going on for ten minutes and I find it to be a bit dull.

Hopefully it will pick up as there are two more seasons after this one and then they are playing another on TV now.

It is off the wall a bit and strange too but good non the less.

First season anyway…….



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Am I living up to my full potential?

Most days I don’t think I am

I coast along and spend way too much time sitting in front of the TV and watch stories of other people living a life

I hate how lazy I have become

I hate how one day rolls into another and nothing changes

I need to be more present in life

Working third shift leaves me in a fog with little to no energy to do much of anything

I need to change that

Im going to be 60 in 7 months

Im not getting any younger

Time to step back into myself

Time to change

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Greenlights   Leave a comment

i finished Matthew McConaugheys book tonight

It was an easy read and flowed seamlessly

Reading it I kept thinking about my brother and how footloose and fancy free he once was

It was interesting and the man does a lot of thinking and expressing his thoughts

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A Whole Lot Of Nothing   1 comment

I am here at work with nothing going on

I am almost to the 8 hour mark with 4 more hours to go

Nothing new per say

I do find that I am getting the blues more often

Not sure why

One reason may be that I feel like I am either at work or sleeping

Another reason could be that the weather is cold and dreary

Another could be that I haven’t had sex in 9 years

Take your pick

What ever the reason I get down and blue more than I use to

I used to have one or 2 days a month.

Now it seems like it is 1 or 2 days a week

Not sure why…….

I love the holiday season coming up

But not sure if I am ready for winter

Not that I have a choice

It will come regardless

Maybe it is that I didn’t get a vacation this year

Hell I don’t know


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Still True   Leave a comment

There never seems to be enough hours in the days

I so wish I could retire now

I don’t mind work once I get here but I do long for the day when I can retire

And that is still 5 and a half years away

Unless Rick passes before I turn 65

If he does I will quit working completely

I could easily survive without working if I only had myself to care for

Not that I want him to die

Of course I don’t

Hopefully the years will be kind and go quickly

Mirielle will be 23, Keira 19, Kayla 17, Aaron fifteen, Bailey 11 and Ava 7


Im not ready for my grandchildren to grow up

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This Crap~   Leave a comment

Well I am on day nine of ten days I have to be off of work.

I would say having this virus is like having the flu.

Just longer.

Once in a great while I have a feeling that something is sitting on my chest and it sort of hurts to breathe.

But it goes away after a while.

I am going back to work on Saturday night.

Just eight hours which I hope to just say with eight hours.

Wasn’t crazy about the twelve hour shifts.

I think it will be fine.

I never was very sick except for last Saturday when I was aching everywhere and feeling like I could vomit and just felt like I wanted to die.

Every other day was fine.

Glad to be going back to work and going back to living.

Rather sick of being home doing nothing much at all.


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