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Another Work Day

I have to work tonight ten to six

Not too thrilled with it, but it is eight hours so I will muttle through

I am also training a girl, which I was told has no interest what so ever in working third shift.

But she is too scared to tell our boss she doesn’t want to do the job.

It is cleaning and more cleaning……

Then she works tomorrow night by herself…..

I do hope I can get a nap in before I go in.

My two younger grandchildren will be here tomorrow so there will be little chance of napping then…..

Sigh, I long for the day that I can retire……




Better For It-

I heard this song on my I Pad with the above title.

It is a man singing to a woman that he is better for knowing her

I thought about it and know I am better for every experience, every heart break, every single person that have passed through my life

I am better for all of it

Life is a lesson…..

Life is for love and caring and experiences…….and I am better for all of it

Even those I have loved and lost and for those that I really don’t like or care for…..I think I am better for knowing them

Yes there are ways I can improve my life……

But it is a good life


JesusMy eldest son came to visit this afternoon and we started talking about marriage and life

That turned to the differences he has with his wife, who when he first met was a completely different woman than she is now.

When they first got together she was interested in things he was interested in and now…..she isn’t interested in anything he likes and more importantly, she has become very concerned with living a life for God, and my son doesn’t understand what changed.

She has told him nothing has changed, that she has always loved God.

My son has told me more than once that had she acted this way when he met her or dated her, he never would have married her.

She is very critical of everything he does.

Brian likes to drink, she hates that he drinks.

She has gone so far to tell him, that she will be in Heaven one day while he will be in hell.


My son is frustrated beyond words and as usual I can’t find the words to comfort him or express how important God is and how one day he will need God.

But as usual I failed miserably.

Marriage is a lot of hard work……Marriage isn’t always fun….But marriage is a commitment…….a decision made every day to make it work……

God is so very important to life, for marriage.

Unfortunately I am married to a man who doesn’t believe in God, and while it isn’t a deal breaker for us, I can see how it could be for some one else.



My sister hasn’t emailed me since last Sunday, so I am beginning to think I have pissed her off in some way.

For the life of me I don’t know how I could have……

We are always honest with each other and tell each other the truth……so I am not sure what if anything that I may have said or done to upset her

Still……I am going to have to figure out why she isn’t writing……

As it goes in summer time we have ball games.

My grandson’s last game is this Tuesday night.

Which I have to say I am quite thrilled about.

He has a tournament next weekend but I work so I won’t get to see it.

My grand daughter Kayla plays twice a week on Monday and Wednesday nights and we usually just go to one of her games.

Three games in one week is an awful lot.

Her games go through till the middle of July.

My Keira will be turning 12 on Wednesday.
I am taking her shopping tomorrow for her presents.

She says she wants her nails done, and then I assume we will be shopping for clothes.

And I will take her out to lunch.

Not sure what she has in mind for clothes, or maybe she wants something elseย that I am just not privy to it yet.



I did buy her a Glee poster as she LOVES the show Glee.

So I know she will be thrilled with that too.

I will give that to her when we have her party on June 24th.

As summer rolls along we are keeping busy.

Busier than I would like but such is life.

Fall will be here before we know it and the kids will be back in school.

Ava Marie will be here and I will be busy watching grandchildren Monday through Friday.

Not that I mind.

To me my grandchildren are gifts from God.

And I have been truly blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving



My coworker worked a twelve hour shift today, working the last four with me

She complained the entire time about how tired she was

She is 27, she really doesn’t have a clue what tired really is

She left at seven leaving me here alone at work for four hours

She will work a twelve hour shift tomorrow too

And then I will be alone tomorrow night for four hours too

Not that I mind

I don’t.

I have one shower to give, a few medicines to pass, lock up the building and the one next door and then I sit for the last two hours of my shift, unless some resident calls me to help with something.

It is pretty easy.

I hate working weekends, but once I am here I don’t mind them too much.




So the humidity is down today so I have opened up the windows again and turned off the air conditioner.

I so love fresh air.

And anyone who knows me knows I love the cooler temperatures too



bedWell here it is almost ten thirty at night and I should get to bed.

I haven’t slept well this past week and I do need to get some catching up on that sleep.

Maybe I will sleep in tomorrow.

I do know I need to clean my house, pay some bills, do laundry and maybe get my hair cut.

It will be day three of my three days off and I have no idea where the time goes.

Oh I had grandkids both yesterday and today till five, so that takes up the majority of my time…….but still…..

Hate how fast my days off go.
Which I am quite sure most everyone feels that way.


rainWe so badly need rain.

It is painful almost to see the very dry grass turning brown because people are mowing and cutting their grass so very short.

We need rain.


We need it for the flowers

And honestly for all around good health.

I think everyone feels better when we get a nice rain.

Like the sun, the rain makes everything bloom so nicely

I think it would be cool if we got a gentle rain every night.


knittingSo I have decided to try a new hobby.

I am going to teach myself to knit.

I bought two knitting books, one for self starters and I got the knitting needles today.

So now I have to find the time to begin this project.

I am in the middle of making my grand daughter Kayla a blanket, crocheting it.

I made Keira one, Kayla’s sister and after I get done with Kayla’s I have Bailey, Aaron and Mirielle’s to do, not to mention Ava’s when she is a bit older.

However I am tackling Kayla’s now and will do Aaron’s next.

Kayla’s colors are pretty.
Pink, purple and black.

I didn’t think I would like the colors together but they do like bright and sharp.

Keira’s blanket was green red and black.

Yes almost Christmas colors.

But those were the colors she asked for so….

Aaron wants gray, purple and black I believe.

I have it written down some where.

I may try to make Aaron’s by knitting it.

I will have to see if I can do it.

I feel one is never too old to pick up a new hobby.