Uptown Funk   Leave a comment

I have the blues yet again

part of it is because the sun isn’t shining

it has been cloudy and rainy for the last 3 days

I need the sun

Another reason is I feel like I am wasting my life away

I need to find some passion

I literally have none

oh I have a great passion for my grandchildren but that is not something I have with me 24/7

I think part of it is that I work 3rd shift too

hopefully I will snap out of it and soon


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So Damn Tired~   Leave a comment

Ugh. I feel like I can never get enough sleep.

I tried sleeping last night before going to work but slept badly.
Went to bed at six fifteen after getting off at six and slept till ten.

I got up, even though I felt like I could have slept the day away.

But I hate really hate sleeping on my day off.


I want to sleep now.


Just so damn tired of being tired.

Hate it.

Literally hate it.

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Pictures   Leave a comment

If this website hadn’t changed and prevented me from exposing my pictures of our time in Florida, I would share them here

But alas I can no longer do that

Florida is beautiful

The weather is 75 degrees with full sunshine

We walk wherever we go and sit on the beach just enjoying the natural beauty

Don’t think I have ever been here when the weather has been so perfect

Its been 3 years since we have been here

Just 3 years too long

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Florida Bound~   Leave a comment

Here in six days my husband and I will be flying the friendly skies to Florida.

it will be wonderful.

Need the ocean right now.

Nothing quite calms my soul like the ocean and beach does.

Wish it was tomorrow.

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It Hurts My Heart   Leave a comment

I work with a 30 year old girl who said yesterday that her 10 year old daughter is a little bastard

Saying her daughter is a brat and a handful

It breaks my heart to hear her talk about her daughter like that

My daughter knows a girl who has had all 3 of her daughters taken away from her because she is unfit and a drug addict

Her oldest daughter is 11 and then she has 4 year old twins

And now she is pregnant again

The problem is she is a meth addict

My heart bleeds for that unborn baby

What kind of life is he going to have?

Imagine the torture he will have to endure when he is born and having to be weaned off meth?

It just breaks my heart all the way around

There are so many unloved and unwanted children in this country

I would take them all if I could


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Greek to me~   Leave a comment

I bought a dvd collection to learn how to play the guitar.

Man it just doesn’t click.

Granted I just started it but it is like I have a barrier between my brain and what I see and hear.

I know it will get better but I do know I will have to go back and listen to the first dvd at least once more to get the jest of it.


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What do I do with me?   Leave a comment

I have to admit that I am back to feeling stagnant again

The days fly by and I get next to nothing done

I am a bum, a couch potato…..lifeless with no ambition to do anything

Part of me thinks it has to do with freezing cold temperatures outside

But the other part of me thinks I have no passion in my life therefore I barely exist

I have my hobbies and my grandchildren but I feel like I am drifting along, alone down the river with no destination in sight

I can’t even get myself to exercise or eat the way I should

Im a fat blob……..growing old before my time..

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Once again   Leave a comment

Today being February first I am once again starting the keto diet

I realize if I had stuck to it back in November I would probably be 15 to 20 pounds lighter than I am

But the holidays got the best of me and I fell off the diet wagon

I NEED to lose weight

I can’t stand how fat I am


So hopefully I can make it work this time..

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Hi Ho Hi Ho~   Leave a comment

No reason for the above title other than that it popped into my mind.

It is six am and I just got off of work.
have to sleep today and then work again tonight.

Nothing new.

Work and home.

I feel like my life is a bit boring right now but it is winter and there isn’t a lot to do outside when it is below thirty degrees.

Yeah one could go out walking but I haven’t done that yet.

I should, but I just haven’t.

Been quite lazy.

I long to be in Florida where it is warmer and the sun is shining but alas. …when don’t I wish for that?
I also wish I was rich enough to become debt free and not work.
But again, that wish never changes either.

I wish I had the talent to write the next great novel……

But I never write anymore.

I think about it but somewhere between my brain and my fingers, I lose it.

Hate it.

I love to write, however it doesn’t love me.

My brother told me once to make myself write every day.

Find a picture and make up a story about it.

I confess I haven’t done it yet.

I need to though as I love to write.

I bought a book to teach me how to read music.

I want to learn to play the piano and the guitar but I need to get a guitar before I can do that.

I have a piano

This book may as well be in German as it is not sinking into my brain at all.
I need to study it more that is for sure.

I also am taking a Spanish class to learn to speak Spanish.

It isn’t going as well as I would like but I figure the more I do it the better I will remember.

Yeah I have a lot of hobbies going on but never feel like I have enough time to do it all.

I am also working on a blanket for my little Ava.

Crocheting her a blanket like I have done for the other four.

I still should do one for Mirielle but not sure if she wants one or not.

Plus my puzzles that I enjoy doing.

I haven’t done one of those for a few months.

Just never can find the time……

I NEED to get back to the dieting.

I was doing so good and then Thanksgiving came and I haven’t done as well since.


Life goes on and I get one day older every day.
In 3 months and five days I will be turning 60

I think it bothers me quite a bit.

I say think because I know it does but…..not like I can do anything about it.

I don’t feel 60

But my eldest will be 42 here in a little over a month.


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Mr President~   Leave a comment

Can I just say Mr President Joe Biden how thrilled I am that you are now our President.

You have shown more class and wholesomeness than the person you replaced.

Your speech was fantastic and it made me cry.

You are so treasured and so loved.

Thank you for showing everyone what a gentleman acts like and how easy it is to show some class and respect.

I am so very proud to say I love the President of the United States!!

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