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Here it is April 7th already

It is supposed to get to the high 70’s today with sunshine

I hope it makes it

I have yard work to do and the paint around the windows needs repainting

Always something to do but I swear there is never enough time to do it all

I have to say this self isolating is depressing

Oh I see my kids and grandchildren but still staying away from others is hard

Still I know it is what needs to be done to not spread the coronavirus

People are dying daily from it

This is serious stuff

Not sure why some people aren’t taking it seriously

They plan to reopen schools in May

I think that is a bad idea

But hopefully it will be about done by then

I don’t think it will be, but one can hope

Thankfully everyone I love is healthy


Yep still longing for the beach

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Feeling a bit unappreciated   1 comment

So since I have been working 3rd shift my children get together and eat and enjoy each other’s company 3 times now

It is always on my weekends to work so I get left out

Well now with the coronavirus they aren’t getting together but my youngest daughter asked her dad to come over tonight to enjoy a bonfire with them

Of course I can’t go because I have to sleep before work

So again I get left out

Yeah I know I am a bit jealous but it hardly seems fair

And to top it off I have asked my husband repeatedly to leave a light on either in the kitchen or living room so I don’t have to walk in the dark to get to the bathroom

Of course tonight he didn’t

It hurts my feelings to be unappreciated and I don’t know why my kids can’t plan things on my weekends off

Or why my husband can’t remember to leave a light on for me

Yeah I feel a bit unloved



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Today is a bum day

I have done nothing but showered, and made myself lunch

Oh I am watching tv and sitting on my butt but I am not very productive

I work tonight,  as it is my weekend so I tell myself that I am entitled to be lazy

I will be just as lazy tomorrow

What can I say?

game over

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No idea why it is titled the way it is other than it was the first thing that came to my mind


The weather is slowly becoming wonderful and it makes me realize I am not summer ready body wise

I am so fat

I lost 20 pounds last fall but have gained 10 back

I disgust myself


I must start eating better and exercise more

I am a fat blob



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Okay I have to admit I am tired of living in this twilight zone.

I am tired of things being so weird.

Yes I am grateful that people are staying home and not spreading this God awful virus but I am ready for it to be done and over with.


I know I am lucky that I can go to my job and get paid for it.

I do know that.

But every other aspect of this life is just insane.

How long is this going to last?

I know I am one of millions who feel this way……


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me too

I’m aching to be sitting here on the wonderful Florida beaches.

I yearn for the surf and sand.

The warm sunshine and just to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.



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