Countdown To Vacation~

24 hours from now we will be on vacation and at our cabin.

I sure hope everyone has a good time and enjoys each other’s company instead of arguing and being miserable.

The weather is supposed to be cooler up there so God willing it will be.

I hate the thought of dealing with more hot and humid weather.

My son was here and giving me a hard time for everything I was taking.

But since he hasn’t ever been on a week long vacation and wanted to make sure everyone has everything they need, he doesn’t get it.

Not one of them would think of taking extra toilet paper.

Because Lord knows we have to have more toilet paper when over half of the people are female.

No one would think of that.

Probably no one would think of things to entertain the kids either.

I have quite a bit of stuffย  for them to do.

So what if I am taking 5 tubs of stuff and three coolers full of food?

At least I am prepared.







I am hardly ever on Face Book any more.

I find it pointless.

But when I do get on I find it very annoying that people have to take selfies and post them on face book.

Why does it annoy me?
I am not one hundred percent sure but it is like people are sayin “Look at me, don’t I look good?”
Which I detest people who like to bring attention to themselves.

People who have to post pictures just to be validated that they look good or have someone say “You look beautiful”

It irks me.

Why do people need that validation?
I don’t get it.

And I know it is every one’s right to post whatever they want on face book, it is just one more reason why I never get on it.

:Queen of the desert Australia





I am looking forward to Fall……..

Looking forward to cooler weather.

Too much heat and humidity.

So Fall looks pretty dang appealing.

Also I love the holidays.

And God willing Kathy will be moved back to Iowa by then.


In Hopes~

My sister told me yesterday that she and her son, daughter-in-law and grandson will be moving back to Iowa soon.

Hopefully before the end of the year.

I hope it can happen.

She needs to be in Iowa.

That is where we are all living so she needs to be closer.

Life is too short to not be closer to family.


I hope they can make it all happen.

And soon.




I wrote a blog yesterday but some how I erased it all, or the computer did and I didn’t have the energy to write it all again.

Ticks me off when that happens.


Yesterday was a quiet day without anyone here.

Today we have our four younger grandchildren.

I have to take Aaron to get school supplies and we may all go and go to Menards as well as my husband wants to go there.

It is going to be another hot day so I thinkย  we will go swimming again if they all want to.

I am sure they will.

In 4 days we will be heading to Wisconsin and of course it is going to be cooler here while we are gone.

Never fails.


Oh and I officially got hired yesterday for the job at the assisted living place.

So I will be working again as of July 31st.




Grandchildren and school shopping~

This is my week to take each grandchild and go and buy school supplies.

I am not one hundred percent sure Mirielle will want to go with me, or Aaron but I will take Keira today and Kayla on Friday if not Wednesday.

Have to wait and see how Aaron feels about it.

We do have Keira and Kayla three times this week.

So we will have plenty of grandchildren time.
Aaron and Bailey will be here on Wednesday too.

I love my grandkids so very much…..

But I do enjoy the quiet when they go home.

I am blessed, no doubt about it.




It is eight am and I am the only one awake.
Everyone didn’t go to bed till after midnight last night with the exception of my youngest grand daughter Bailey who is two.
She fell asleep in my arms at eleven thirty.

It was wonderful and fun to spend time with all four of my kids and their spouses (with the exception of Crystal, Matt’s wife who never likes to hang out with our family)

It was fun.

Laughing and talking and reminiscing just brings so much joy to me when all four of my children are home.


But of course I didn’t think to get a picture till after my sons and youngest daughter went home.

So this one from last Christmas will have to do.

the six of us

Brian, Emily, Matt, Me, Paula and Rick

OR this one from a year and three months ago to the day……..

our family

Our youngest daughter’s wedding day with her husband Adam.