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Happy New Years Eve

Here we are on the count down to the last few hours of 2015

Where did the year go to?
Amazing to me how quickly the time goes 
Anyway I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!


cool pictures





snow falling

I just came in from outside, putting ice melt and sand down on the icy sidewalks.

What we really need is some sun to hit the frozen spots and make it all go away.

Unfortunately with the snow falling, it is just making it more slippery.


have I mentioned lately that I miss Florida?


I miss the warmth of the sun…..


I miss the ocean.

I could be standing here right now…..if my husband had agreed to spend a week in Florida.

I am probably going to break my promise of only vacationing once a year.

I miss Florida.

I may have to go back before spring….



I would love to learn to ball room dance.

However I don’t see it ever happening as my husband doesn’t like to dance.




this photo is just too precious.

Makes me miss Toby……


today's quote

yesΒ  it is snowing again.

weathermen say we could get up to two inches.

Just what I don’t want, more snow to have to go out and shovel today.




I have a cold, compliments of my grandson.

stuffed up nose and coughing a lot.

My throat isn’t sore, but it sounds like it is.


I have to work today, then I am off again until Monday January 4th.

When all the students and staff return to mess up my clean school.

Rather depressing but such is life.


happy hump day!


Been out shoveling snow.

My God it is heavy and of course I hurt my back.

legs are sore too from lifting the snow from the steps to throw it off of the area that people walk on.

I have only shoveled steps.

No sidewalks as they are supposed to have a tractor come around and do all the sidewalks.

No one has been here yet.

if they haven’t come by tomorrow I will use the snow blower and do them.

damn I am too old to be shoveling heavy snow.


back yard

my deck in the above picture


Iowa City got about 3.5 inches of snow after the sleet and freezing rain and where I live got about 1.5