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Yes it has come around again.
Another Monday is here breathing down our necks forcing us all to go back to work

I am in a really good mood today
The Lord is within me and I feel His presence and I love having Him there.
I have been down for a few days and it is so nice to feel upbeat and happy again.
Thank You Lord for being in my life.


The weekend was busy and filled with grandchildren time which is always great

We didn’t make our weekend movie this past weekend and next weekend my husband has to work both days so we won’t be going next weekend either.

Guess those movies will have to wait………

Happy Monday!


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don’t tell me not to……………..   Leave a comment

I have a friend who thinks she knows me better than I know myself

AND she is always trying to cheer me up when I am down and blue

I had a really down day yesterday and I felt like I wanted to run away from everything

She is her cheery little voice suggested I figure out what I like to do and make a career out of it.
I laughed at her saying in today’s world it is more of a NEED for things instead of a WANT

anything I enjoy doing is not something someone would pay money for.

especially if they were in a bad situation financially.

what would be the first thing to go?
Something they needed or something they wanted done for them?
obviously if something isn’t needed you cut back on spending money on that

she was trying to help I do get that.
But I resented it and her implying I could just magically find something I enjoyed doing and make a living at it.

Get real.

I think I offended her a bit and she was pretty cool today when I talked to her via email

but life is a bitch and if you want to be my friend you take my down days with the good ones

I didn’t ask her to cheer me up
I didn’t even say I hated my job

I just said I was having a day when I just wanted to get into my car and drive away from everything in my life

anyway…………..I hate when someone tells me I can do this or can’t do that.
Don’t tell me what to do.
I resent it.

Okay I’m done with my bitch session for today



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Surely not………..   Leave a comment

Back in late August my cousin Lorie had a massive heart attack and almost died.

she was in a coma for several days and made a good recovery

now tomorrow morning she is going to have a triple by-pass and the doctor’s say she has a fifty-fifty chance of making it.
Surely our Heavenly father would not have saved her all those weeks ago to just take her tomorrow????
I realize God does what He sees fit and maybe the saving her was so that people could tell her good-bye

But I have to think He saved her so that her children could be with her longer

I have to believe He will save her tomorrow as well………….

But it is in His hands.


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the weekend is almost over

here it is almost five pm on Sunday afternoon

how depressing.

hate how fast the weekends go

I know the weeks go by fairly fast too but damn I hate the thought of it being Monday morning again already


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my youngest three grandchildren are here and they stayed over night

they were doing really well getting along well and all of a sudden now they aren’t

Kayla is getting left out and not handling it well

it is always the way when you get three kids together.

one always gets their feelings her.
Keira bless her heart is trying to include Kayla, but Aaron isn’t much for sharing.


I love my grandchildren more than life.

And I love having them together

fights and all.



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It’s Friday!
The best day of the week!
Love love love love my Friday’s!
it is the last day of the week to work and I have two days off a head of me!
Can’t wait for this work day to get over with so my weekend can begin!


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I am cold

I can’t seem to get warm and I hate that feeling

granted I hate being hot too but this feeling like I’m freezing is not fun either.

I don’t think I am sick although I have felt a bit flu-ish off and on the last twenty four hours.

hopefully I won’t get the flu though

I’m counting on not getting sick.

Nothing really new in my world

work and home

quite boring and uneventful

I miss Keira and Kayla

I haven’t seen them since Friday night and I miss them

I miss seeing Brian too

He was there every day before his wife changed jobs and now we rarely ever see him

Of course I miss Paula too but that goes without saying since she has always lived so far away

Aaron will be over in the next night or two with his mother.
At least that is what she says

I haven’t seen her in almost two weeks…..

Guess the kids are just all grown up and don’t need mom anymore………..


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