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do you ever feel……   Leave a comment

I have a friend who wants to dominate my time more than I want her to.
And I wonder, does any one else ever feel this way?
I work with her and she wants to do things out side of the job and I just don’t feel the inclination  to do this.
Is there something wrong with me?
I have gone out to eat with her and have even gone over to her house and had a wine cooler, but I am not a social butterfly.
I don’t feel the need to spend time with her as often as she would like to spend time with me.

I wonder if there is something wrong with me?
I personally think I am just happy to go home and be around my family.

So….does anyone ever feel like this with an over bearing friend?


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what’s for supper?   Leave a comment

do you know I hate deciding what to fix for supper?
I am lucky in that my husband likes to cook and does do most of it any more.
I am not one for sharing the kitchen and he tends to come in and take over  when I start something so lately I just let him take care of it.
so even though ninety percent of the time he cooks I am usually the one doing the deciding on what we eat.

So I ask myself, with no answer in mind…..What’s for supper?

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New Moon   Leave a comment

okay I just finished the second book “New Moon” in the “Twilight” series.
It really makes  me want to pick up the third novel and begin reading it but I think I am going to take a break.
It was just as good as the first novel although again I thought a part of it was rather drawn out…but the whole concept was good.
Now I can watch the movie when it comes out and compare the two.
although I have yet to see a movie that is as good or better than the book.

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Twilight series   Leave a comment

in the last three days I have been reading the first two novels of the  “Twilight” series

The first one was very good even though I had seen the movie.
The second one is very good too although I am getting frustrated a bit with it.
Seems to be dragging out longer then it needs to be.
I will read something else before I try book three in the series.
Maybe my mind just needs a break from vampires and werewolfs

I wanted to read the second book before the movie came out though so that was my reasoning in ready them back to back with each other.
but after this I intend to read another book or two before I go back to the third book.


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another day in paradise   Leave a comment

just another day in paradise here at the old job.
ha ha
not really.
Same old same old basically.

I know I should be happy to have a job and am able to pay my bills, I honestly can’t imagine the stress people must be under who don’t have a job and can’t pay their bills…..So I know I have no right to complain

still it is in my nature I suppose to complain.
ahh well.

Life is good and aside from not liking my job I have no complaints.

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