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I have never been a huge fan of Taylor Swift.
I mean she has some cute little songs and then she has some really dumb ones.
She is a beautiful young lady though and she has great talent.

My girl Miranda Lambert said on the country awards the other night that Taylor’s current CD “Red” is freaking awesome.

so I decided to give it a try

I am listening to it now for the first time and while I haven’t gotten to awesome yet it is a good CD.

her song “We are NEVER EVER EVER getting back together” sounds like something from high school and while the girl is almost 23, I know she is probably trying to reach the teenage girls more than me.

I hate the song “Mean” from her other CD simply because the lyrics don’t make a lot of sense and she tends to repeat herself over and over and over in that song.

Still the girl has an incredible talent and I am enjoying the new CD.



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this is getting old   Leave a comment

yep I am sick of being sick

sick of my back hurting, sick of aching every time I walk or move

Right now I have a sinus headache on top of all the other crap

rather sick of it all

I’m sick of my job too but that is for another day


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ALASKA!!!!!   1 comment

My sisters and I are tentatively planning a cruise to Alaska this next July!
I’m incredibly excited.
if we all four go, Kathy, Wanda, Cyndi and I, it will be incredibly wonderful
It will be a religious cruise but Lord knows I need more religion in my life.
And what a great time it will be!

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oops again   Leave a comment

I am wrong again
Renee was fifty, not 48.  Only a year and 9 days younger than I am.
She was also going to be a grandmother for the first time this coming May.

my heart goes out to her family
But Renee is with God now.
And that is the best place to be

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Renee   Leave a comment

Six weeks and three days after being diagnosed with stomach cancer my husband’s cousin died last night

she was 48

can’t believe it but when I heard I thought of my cousin Kitty who was diagnosed with it about eight years ago and she was told she had six months to live and she lived three.

So sad
I feel badly for Renee’s children
Yes they are grown but I was 32 when I lost my mother and it is a horrific thing to go through
Renee’s children are younger than that.

rest in peace Renee

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hurt like a son of a bitch   Leave a comment

had my second epidural today

talk about painful

I don’t understand.

this is my sixth one in my back and this one and the one last Monday literally brought me to tears it hurt so damn bad.


this one still hurts and my right leg feels numb.

damn I hope it helps because I am tired of the pain.


on another note this is my last day off.

day number 5.

the days off went so fast and I would love it if I never had to go back to work.

However, I need to pay my bills so……I must work at least until those get paid off.


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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas……….   Leave a comment

at least at my house it is
The tree is up, the lights are on outside and there are a few presents under the tree

we had out darling Keira and Kayla till one thirty and now we are just bumming

I got laundry done and all my Christmas cards addressed and ready to be mailed.

been enjoying the peace and quiet and just down time.

I would love to have a holiday where there are tons of people around all of the time and they stay over night and we continues the festivities on to the day after and the day after that.
but unfortunately no one in my family wants to be away from their homes that much and or are living far enough away that they need to stay the night before they make the long travels back to their home.

Still it seems like the family is growing further apart….and that is sad……

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Happy Thanksgiving   Leave a comment

I know it is a few days early for me to be wishing a happy Thanksgiving but my next few days are going to be quite hectic and I’m not sure I will have time to post a message on my blog.

So for all of you readers out there may your Thanksgiving day be filled with good food, wonderful company and a lot of laughing.

cherish your loved ones and family members


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my 2 day work week   Leave a comment

I have to say I am feeling quite spoiled this week.
I am working today and tomorrow and then off for five days.
I could get use to this quite easily


I have so much to do before Thanksgiving day that I should have taken tomorrow off.
But both my night custodians wanted off so I thought I should work it.
Besides there is plenty of things to do here at work.


vacation in April can’t get here soon enough.

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Injurys   Leave a comment

Got my first epidural today which was the most painful thing I have ever experienced with having an epidural.

the doctor said he must have hit right on top of the nerve that is inflamed.

literally made me cry.

after that I had to go to the doctor for my blood pressure.

it was high so she put me on another blood pressure medicine

also she looked at my left thumb which has been giving me problems

doctor said the tendons are inflamed due to arthritis and my grand daughter hurting it when she pulled away from me and pulled it the wrong way.

have a two day work week and then the next five off.

I love my job at holiday time, they are really generous on their time off.

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