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A Glorious Day-   Leave a comment

The weather is exceptionally beautiful today

Mid seventies with a great breeze and full sunshine

I only had my grandson for 3 hours today because my grand daughter’s went to Avas 1st year doctor appointment

They left at 11:30 and I have been working in the yard

IF only every day could be this temperature

It would be perfect

God is smiling on Iowa today




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To Be Or Not To Be~   Leave a comment


That is the question.

I need to go back to work for the sake of some bills and a garage I promised my husband.

I don’t want to, but I need to.

Hate the thought of it but love the idea of having more money, getting things paid off and then getting myself a newer car.

I say car because that is what I am leaning towards.

A Toyota Camry

my new car

I doubt I will go with red again as I had a red Camry once.

But we shall see when it comes to the time to buy one.

I do love the looks of this SUV too.

my new SUV

I am not a huge fan of white cars, because there are so many other pretty colors to choose from but I do like the looks of this.

I will have to drive one and see how I like it before I choose an SUV over a Camry.

I have always thought Camry’s drive themselves they are so smooth.

But again, I must go back to work to make money, to get bills paid to get a new car.




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Please~   Leave a comment

We are in a sauna here in Iowa.

According to the weathermen we have one more day of it before it will cool down to the eighties again.

Please Lord let that be the case.

I hate with a passion this hot and humid crap

Heat indices are well past 110 degrees.

Just disgusting weather.


So Please Lord please make it cooler on Sunday.


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I Find It Very Annoying~   Leave a comment

There are a few people, and I won’t name names, who feel like they have to comment on EVERYONE’S face book page every single day.

It annoys me.

Like their opinion is so important that they have to comment on every one’s page.

I find when people get like that I have to unfollow them.

I just can’t imagine having that kind of ego to think every one wants to hear what you have to say every single time they post something.


Maybe I am just being a bitch, but it definitely annoys me.

AND they are on face book posting things when they are at work?

Aren’t you supposed to be working?

Yeah I am just a bitch.

Yosemite California


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Like A Snap Of The Fingers~   Leave a comment

And just like that, it is over with and done.

I swear it was just a day or two ago when we left to fly to Florida.
Here we are 168 hours later and we are home again.
Where did the time go?

Like a snap of the fingers……poof! and it is gone!

I don’t understand.

I don’t work and I am use to not having a lot to do every day but when on vacation it amazes me how fast it went.
Literally how is it possible?

vaca one

This is the view from our deck looking south (sorry about the finger)

vaca two

This is the view looking north

vaca three

The beach view from our deck

vaca four

my grandson Aaron building a sand castle

vaca five

And finally a boat out on the ocean taken from our deck.


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Vacation-   Leave a comment

Today is day 4 of our vacation.

We have been swimming and playing in the ocean every day

We will be heading to the beach soon

I’m not allowed to post pictures of my grandchildren until my daughter does which is a bit silly, but my daughter requests I don’t

I can post a few that don’t have grandchildren in it




daytona beach

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Cyndi   Leave a comment

Happy 70th birthday Cyndi

She has been in Heaven for almost 3 years

I miss her and miss talking with her

Cyndi one

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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep~   Leave a comment

Another almost sleepless night last night with my baby grand daughter Ava here.

She was/is sick and was a very restless baby last night.

I got four hours or less.


Tonight I hope to sleep like a log.

God willing and with the help of a sleep aide.

73 and a half hours and we will be flying south.


three five

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Happy 4th of July~   Leave a comment

Yes I know I am six hours and ten minutes early but I doubt I will be on the internet tomorrow to wish every one a happy 4th.

We will be at my daughter’s and grilling out and watching the grandkids play in the sprinkler and soak each other with water balloons.


I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!

4th of July



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Want to know the best thing about today is?   Leave a comment

The very best thing about today is that I get to sleep later than 5:30 am tomorrow!

I find it hard to fail asleep at night and get comfortable but when I finally do I don’t want to get up


I have grandchildren on Friday but then get to sleep late Friday through Monday. And then it is vacation week!



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