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even though I don’t have any major plans other then watching my girls tomorrow night and part of Sunday I have no plans.
Have plenty to keep me busy though.
House cleaning, laundry and reading.
I have six books here to read and while I won’t get them all read, it is nice knowing I have them here to pick and choose from.

I have some movies of my sister’s too to watch yet.
Three more I believe, or maybe it is just two.
The Jesse Stone series.

But I am thrilled to have two days off !
Happy Weekend everyone!!!


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choices   Leave a comment

we all have them

we all abide by them or not
We all seek out to find what works for us and make the choice to either work with it or go against the grain to rebel against it.

choices affects the people around us and whether we worry about them or just live for ourselves …..the choices are still there.
ours to live with, ours to desert or move ahead with.

It all comes down to choices.

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my three year old grand daughter has been rather whiny and fussy these last few days and her mother says she has gotten into a lot of trouble.
They were over last night for about thirty minutes and Keira was fussy.
Matt, my son finally said “let’s go home I’m sick of listening to her”

She cried harder because she didn’t want to go home, but I said to her as I hugged her and held her close “honey you know this kind of behavior is going to get you sent to your room and you don’t like going there when you are in trouble, so you have to stop this”
My son said to me “You must think we are terrible parents”
And I said “no I don’t, but I’m just trying to get her to calm herself down because she knows what will happen if she keeps acting this way.  I’m trying to make her realize the consequence of this”
and he just shakes his head at me.

She is three but she is a smart girl.
She just gets over come with emotions a lot of the time.

I personally think they need to spend one on one time with her away from her sister.
even if it is a couple of hours a week, my son needs to do something with just her, alone, with no one else interfering with it.
And his wife needs to do the same.

She is three, not ten and therefore I think they need to be more understanding.

But….they are young and they don’t think I know what I am talking about.

So while she is with me, I will continue to talk to Keira about consequences of her actions and try to help her realize what will be tolerated and what won’t.

What else does a Nana do?

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although it hasn’t seemed like a long week, I am thrilled that it is finally Friday!
Love the weekends even if I don’t do a dang thing but spend quality time with my grand daughters.

A week from now I will be leaving to go to Michigan.
not excited about that at all, like I wrote yesterday.
I’m sure it will be fine.
Have to believe it will be.
Just nervous about going some place I am unsure of.
But I keep telling myself to think of it as an adventure.

I hope everyone reading this has a good Friday!

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