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Tonight is night three of four in a row I will be working this week and then I have Saturday and Sunday off.

The work isn’t hard, not at all it is just staying awake that sometimes becomes difficult.

I applied for a job at the school again and I don’t know if I will get it or not.

It will be a salad maker at City High in Iowa City.

Easy enough to do as I have been cooking since I was 17 and know what I am doing.

It will be not quite 7 hours a day Monday through Friday and no weekends and no holidays and no summer work.

I would enjoy that immensely

IF I get hired.

I am not holding my breath, but time will tell.

And it will be $3.65  more an hour then what I make now……

I could even stay where I am and work every Friday and Saturday night for the nursing home…. and then pick up more time in the summer if I wanted to…..

Something to think about if I get hired……

I will have to cancel my vacation in May if they hire me.

Again not holding my breath……




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Today’s thoughts~   Leave a comment

So it is that time of year again when all four of my children have birthday’s.

We had Matt’s almost two weeks ago and we will have Brian’s at the end of February and then both of our girls in March.

When we had Matt’s there never seems to be enough room in our living room for everyone to sit and visit.

We make the grandkids sit on the floor if an adult wants a recliner, a place on the couch or the desk chair.

Still it never seems to be enough.

So today I bought another couch.

My husband says it will take up a lot of room and yes it will take up one wall, but… is needed.

It looks relatively similar to our couch we have now.

Here is a picture of it

new couch

and while it wasn’t a necessity of life per say, it will be used and then everyone can be more comfortable when they come over.


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I don’t know why~   Leave a comment

So for days I have been trying to get on this blog to write.

On my laptop.

It refuses to load.

I don’t know why.

So now I am in my den writing on my desk top computer.

It is strange that I get on the blog page here but couldn’t on my laptop.

Makes a person wonder……



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That Precious Sleep~   Leave a comment

I got four hours of sleep last night and then suddenly I was wide awake.  Completely awake.

I got up after laying there for over an hour and cleaned out my dresser drawers, and made a grocery list and cleaned my bedroom a bit.

Then I lay back down at 4 and slept fitfully till eight thirty.


Now I work the next four nights meaning I will not get a lot of sleep


The older I get the more I need my sleep



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Boardwalk Empire~   Leave a comment

boardwalk empire

My husband and I started watching this show on HBO a couple of weeks ago and we are almost at the end of the third season.

It isn’t wonderful but it is a decent show and I have started liking some of the characters.

The biggest and brightest character was killed off at the end of season two and I haven’t cared much for it since.

But I still watch it.

My husband enjoys it more than I do.

Still on a cold winters night it is nice to have something to watch.


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Exhausted~   Leave a comment

Good Lord this job is hard on me.

I NEVER feel like I get enough sleep and this working the grave yard shift just wears me out.

Not that there is so much work to do, there isn’t… is just that I am not getting the sleep I need.

And it makes me feel old.

It also makes me feel like there is no point to life when all I do is work and try to sleep.


Today I have to watch my youngest grand daughter due to her other grandmother being sick.

That means even less sleep then what I had hoped for.

I usually get five to six hours a day.

Not enough.

So by night four, which is tonight, I am going to be miserable.

So today if I get four or five hours it will be amazing.

Just hate this feeling old and worn down with this job.

I feel nauseated and just so tired…..




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40 years ago today~   Leave a comment

40 years ago today I miscarried my first baby.

It seems like a lot longer than that for me.

40 years.

Man I wish I knew then what I know now.

Life would have been so much different.

Don’t get me wrong I would never change the birth of my four kids.

I love them ore than I love my own life.

I would change a lot of other things.

Myself mostly.


Hindsight, such a wonderful thing.





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15 hours~   Leave a comment

I slept fifteen hours last night.

And man do I feel good today.

I had been up 28 hours between Friday and Saturday and got maybe six hours Saturday night so I was in bed by 6pm last night.

Yeah I know insane.

But I needed it obviously.

It is great to feel so refreshed.

Now I work the next four nights ten to 6 am so…..I will be sleeping as much as I can every day.


I feel truly alive in the first time in weeks.




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Feeling half alive~   Leave a comment

I worked last night so I have been up for almost twenty four hours.

I feel half alive.
I am watching my grand daughter and although she lets me rest I haven’t actually slept.

My husband should be home with in the next forty minutes and then I am going to try to get five plus hours.

God willing I will be able to.

I say able because it is daytime out with full sun shine and it may be too bright out to sleep

Yes I have dark curtains that shut out most of the light but not all.


One more night to work…..


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The Cat In The Hat~   Leave a comment

The above titled movie is a favorite of my grandchildren’s.

We have watched it about four times this week.

And that doesn’t count that we will probably watch it Saturday night too.

It is a cute movie.
Alec Baldwin is in it and he does a great job.

Mike Myers plays the cat and he does a good job as well.

It is silly and a child’s movie but it is good enough to have to listen to it a few times a week.

cat in the hat



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