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progress slowly but surely

well progress is being made.
By tomorrow afternoon I will have quite a bit done and very little left to do.

that is a good feeling.

still have the huge library here to clean but we will have a week to do that and that will be the only thing left to do.

which is great.
Two weeks from this Tuesday school starts.
I’m ready for the kids to come back and dirty up my clean school


so we leave for Arizona in six weeks and two days

I know, to some that seems like a long way off but it will be here before I know it

I have booked two hotel rooms

one in Mesa Arizona because our flight doesn’t get in till 9:35 that night and the other is in Flagstaff for two nights while we see the Grand Canyon


I don’t know where else we will be in Utah so I can’t book hotel rooms with no absolute destination in mind.

For some reason Florida is calling me again
I long for the beach……….

insane since I was just there four weeks ago and I have been to Florida three times this year.

still I long to book a vacation in Winter to go to the beach and visit my sister




maybe I am a water girl after all


oh yeah


unfortunately most people don’t understand this………..


take this rose, and know it is given with love

treasure this rose and keep me held above

all the ugliness, the hatefulness, the pain

help make this world whole again

help us all be grateful for all we have

don’t let us be greedy bitter or sad

keep us content, keep us helpful and nice

this rose is a symbol of  love,  it is given with a price

treasure it, hold it dear, keep it close…….


I just bought three new cd’s of Susan Boyle’s.
Okay they aren’t new but they are new to me

one is a Christmas cd.
I like her a lot.
I enjoy her voice

it is quite beautiful.


Daytona July 27 2012 004

My husband is turning 57 tomorrow

this was taken two years ago this Saturday

I bought him three pairs of shorts and three new shirts.

and we will probably go out for supper tomorrow night as well.



I had a tough day at work today
Literally took everything in me to stay there

I am really sick of cleaning and washing walls.

I spent a lot of time day dreaming for this or that.

mainly to be able to retire and just enjoy life.


again good thing dreaming is free, because I do a lot of it.


the damn carpet scrubber wheel came off here at work!
Darn it!



too deep for me

Brian in the gulf

with all the shark sightings along the east coast this summer, going out  in to the ocean would not be my choice of things to do.

I’ve been shoulder deep and I have even been out deeper once when I fell off a jet ski

my husband and I even were pulled out with the tide once and we had to swim back to where our feet could touch the bottom

it was a scary feeling.

still I would not go out this far and just hope and pray the sharks didn’t want me for their next meal.

I’m not that brave…………..

This is my son when we were in Florida a few weeks ago

Only his third time to the beach so….of course he wanted to get the full experience.

wake up


as I wrote a few days ago, or maybe it was a few weeks ago now, do you ever feel like you are living on auto pilot?
or that every day is the same?
or that nothing ever changes?


I sometimes feel all of the above.

but regardless of it all I do know I have a good life.