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change of plans   Leave a comment

well we are getting the grand daughters tonight instead of tomorrow night.
We always have them on Saturday nights while my son and his wife bowl on their bowling team.
My son asked us to have them tonight instead.
not a big deal really other then I thought I was going to have a quiet night and now find out I’m not.
But there is always tomorrow night.

I love having the girls so very much so I am not complaining.
It is just nothing else gets done but their time.

Posted October 9, 2009 by Marge in ramblings

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finally Friday.
I have no plans for the weekend other then watching the grand daughters tomorrow night.
Love having them but nothing else gets done as I have mentioned before.

I heard there is a chance of snow in the forecast.
I am not looking forward to having to deal with it.
shoveling snow and putting ice melt down and sand every dang day.
Oh the joys of my job!!!

But anyway I hope any one who reads this has a great weekend!

Posted October 9, 2009 by Marge in ramblings