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My angel, what is she thinking?
Is she thinking, what will I be when I grow up?
Is she thinking, man I am tired?
is she thinking… I really have to walk down that isle with every one watching me?

I would love to know what she was thinking at the very moment the picture was taken.
She is my darling little love.
I so adore her.
A true absolutely wonderful gift from God.
I can’t hold her and cherish her enough.

With her and her little sister and their cousin Mirielle and the baby coming in May…..I can’t help but think God has given me everything I will ever need.
Just by blessing me with these wonderful grand children.
Thank you Lord.


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A smile came to my face yesterday when I saw that one of my favorite singers Garth Brooks is coming out of retirement!!!
I am thrilled.
He is going to be singing at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas and while I may never get to see him, I think it is awesome that he is coming back to his fans who miss him.
I hope he puts out another album too, but it is enough just to know he is out there singing, if he doesn’t.

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I come from a family of six girls and one boy.
And while we haven’t always been really close, my brother and I, due to our ages and the fact that he has lived thousands of miles away most of his adult life…..I don’t see him very often

My new sister-in-law wrote on her blog yesterday about him and how she fell in love with him all over again while they were on a trip in their Country in Canada.

If you want to read it go to “Ain’t Life Strange” on my home page.
click on it and it will take you right to hers.

Any way I will be honest here and admit I don’t think of my brother every day.
Sometimes a week or more will go by before he pops into my head.
But I love him and I always find myself to be amazed once again when I see him because I forget in between visits how cool he really is.

And I don’t mean cool as in frosty or cold, I mean COOL as in, he is so layed back and comfortable in his own skin.
he is a gentleman and never cusses or uses fowl language in any way shape or form.
He is cool because he is good-hearted and never ever thinks badly of anyone, even if they just made an ass out of themselves.
He always looks at the good in everything.
He just is incredibly cool.


After reading my sister-in-laws blog I was proud to think, MY BROTHER, my cool, incredibly good brother made his wife fall in love with him all over again just by being the wonderful guy he is.

And it makes me very proud, to call him MY BROTHER!!!
Love you Ric!

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yesterday the media was in a frenzy in Colorado when they thought a six year old boy was in a balloon that floated miles away in the air.
come to find out he was at his home in the attic in the garage.

The happy ending put tears in my eyes because I was deathly afraid he had some how fallen out and free fell to the earth, suffering numerous fractures and or death.

I was thrilled that he was fine at home.
Thank you God.

Now they are wondering if the whole thing wasn’t just a hoax.
A ploy to get attention.
If it was, I would have to say to the family “Come on, let’s think of a smarter way to do this”

if it was indeed a constant worry and a mistake on the brother who swore his little brother Falcon had climbed into the balloon, all I can say is “America thank God for the happy ending.  It could have ended so much worse than this”

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woman without a heart?   Leave a comment

I can be a bitch, I can be a total bitch and while I try very hard not to be, some times people just hit me wrong and the bitch in me comes out.

Sometimes people are their own worst enemies and they look for me for support.
I can’t feel any sorrow for someone who deliberately makes the same choice every day and is miserable in that choice but still does it.
I have no sympathy for them.
Does that make me a bitch?
Guess so.

for example…my now deceased mother in law was a diabetic.
But she didn’t let that stop her from eating all the sweets she could get her hands on, not to mention donuts and jelly beans and anything else with sugar in it.
But of course as anyone knows being diabetic is a life long disease and if you abuse the work the doctors are struggling so hard to do for you, by eating candy and sugar…and you feel like crap all the time…..why should I feel sorry for you?

I feel sad for the friend I mentioned earlier who feels like she can’t get out of her marriage because people depend on her and they expect her to act a certain way.
I can understand that.
But other people who I know (non related people) who make their lives more difficult by choices they make and then want my sympathy when those choices make them unhappy?????
sorry…I can’t be sympathetic.

If that makes me a woman without a heart, and a bitch…..then I guess I am.

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wow, they hit me all at once.
They want money for social dues, they want money for this baby shower and that baby shower, they want money for a gift for the principal for boss’ day.

We had three teachers up and leave our school last summer and they want to give them each a going away present and want money for that!

I guess I am not too emotionally involved with this group of people who I work with because I don’t feel like I have to or need to give my money away to all these causes.

I paid my social dues and think the other things should come out of that money.
I can’t keep handing money over for people who no longer work here or who are off for weeks or months at a time that I rarely talk to anyway!
Am I selfish or what?
I don’t think so.
I just can’t afford to give to every little thing.

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a new invention   Leave a comment

I need to figure out the next big thing.
The next new invention that my fellow Americans can not live with out.
What would that be?

a few  years ago, probably six or seven years ago, I said to my husband one night
“I know what the country needs, we need to have a way of starting our cars in the winter without going outside to do it”
And he said “honey that has already been invented”
I was crushed.

so what is the next big thing?
What do we all need (besides money) that we don’t have?
What can’t we live without?”

I’ve been trying to figure it out.
I say we Clone ourselves and make our Clone go to work for us while we reap the benefits from having the money and all the free time in the world…..but…how do go about that one?

what else is there?
I don’t have a clue but I keep thinking………..

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Yes it is that time of year, (okay not yet) for us to think about Day Light Savings Time.
We are suppose to change our clocks back an hour on November 1st.
I realize it is two weeks away yet but when it takes so long for the sun to rise in the morning any more it is always there on my mind.
I was here at work at six and it was dark.
I went out at 7 and it was still really dark out.

hate it.
I am not a fan of summer and the horrific heat but I do love the longer days of summer.

I love the fall and the cooler temps and I love the holidays.
Just wish it could be lighter earlier and stay later.
do I sound like I am never happy?
I am, I am a very happy woman.
I have a blessed life.

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my sister, the one who could be published in a heart beat if she just believed in herself, wrote a blog about sleep walking.
No it isn’t the kind you think.
Sleep walking while you are asleep.
She is referring to sleep walking through life…..floating more or less and letting life pass her by, and she isn’t doing anything to change it or improve anything.

I know that feeling and I am betting ninety percent of the population pretty much  sleep walks through their lives.

What is it all for if we have to work forty hours a week and struggle through the bills and rob from Paul to pay Peter?
Sometimes it is horrificly  painful to have to try and pay bills and then there is nothing left….

I know the whole entire country is feeling the pain.

I also know we can and are a selfish country and we think we need things when it all boils down to wanting them.
I am as guilty as the next guy.

I want an RV so I can travel the United States, I would really like a boat to go out on the lake and enjoy the water.
Neither of these things is something I need, I just want them.

That is only one small example.

So while most of us are sleep walking through our lives……isn’t it out of contentment?
or out of sheer desperation?

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my principal here at my school, announced yesterday that she is going to move to another school, a new school being built in North Liberty next year.
She will be here for the remainder of this school year but she will be gone come next June or July.

Funny I am seriously planning on being gone by then too.

I look a head and think of the changes coming to me personally.
Moving back to our four bedroom house next May
The new grand child next May.
And then hoping to have a new or different job by next June.
That is quite a few changes coming for me alone.

I often wonder what a new year will bring.
Every Christmas I look around at my children, husband and grand children and hope and pray that we are all here the following Christmas.
Things can change on a dime though….and one never knows….

I look at my siblings and think how lucky we all are that we still are all alive and doing well.
My cousins came from family of twelve and have lost their parents and five of their siblings.

I can’t imagine it.
Or maybe I just don’t want to.

I often think of my in-laws and the profound impact that they had on my life and the lives of my children.
They are gone but not forgotten and although we don’t talk about them every day it is with a fondness that we all share when we do talk about them.

Life goes on, times change…people change…..and the world keeps turning.

I realize we have over two months until the New Year begins and we all start fresh with a new slate.

Holidays make me melancholy and cheerful.

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