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cold temps/mice and the joys of the job   Leave a comment

now that it is getting colder we have mice again in the school.
Always a good time because I suddenly become a exterminater and am responsible for ridding the place of these four-legged beady eyed creatures.

No one knows I hate mice and hate having to deal with them.
or if they know let’s just say they don’t care.
It is my job so therefore I must lay the traps and deal with the dead or dying mice once I catch them.
Disgusting to say the least.

I walked into the kitchen here this morning, turning on the lights as I went and a little mouse scurried across the floor to hide behind the refrigerators.

his sibling or parent was killed last week when it went into a stainless steel sink to nibble on some food left on a plate that was in water and it drowned.

you know they say where there is one mouse there is at least another.
I’m betting there are aunts and uncles and cousins scurrying around these old walls looking for a quiet moment when they can sneak in and nibble on food that gets left in desk drawers and counter tops in this school.

oh the joys of my job.


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Jackson Wyoming

I think I would like to be here.

This is Jackson Wyoming.
I am not much of a fisherman but just to stand where this man is at and look up at those mountains.
Sounds heavenly

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it is Tuesday but it feels like a Monday to me.
not sure why.
I had this same thing going on last week too.
I didn’t mind being here so much on Monday but now that it is Tuesday I feel like Ugh, why do I have to be here?
which is how I use to feel on Monday mornings.
I have a sinus headache.

go figure.

I tell my sister she seems to be sick a lot but there always seems to be something wrong with me of late too.
if it isn’t the back it is joint pain or headaches.

oh well…..grin and bear it right?

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