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I rented “Crossing Over” with Harrison Ford and while it started out slow, it got better and was quite sad in many ways.
Crossing over refers to people coming from other countries to become American Citizens, and the stories of what people will do to live here and have the American dream.

The second movie I rented was called “Lies and Illusions” with Christian Slater and it was a dud.
It got dumber as the movie went.

Now I am watching “If it doesn’t kill you” with Ethan Hawke and so far I am not impressed with this one either.

I still have to watch “Last Chance Harvey” and “Local Color”
not sure I will get either of those two in yet today because I am sagging literally from lack of sleep and it is hard to stay awake.

Still since it is so damn cold out and I have no money to do anything watching rented movies is a good past time.

I need to find something to eat and that might help keep me awake longer or at least make me feel like I have strength and ambition.

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The grand daughters went home and I probably won’t see them again until Tuesday evening or so.
They were both ready for naps and I hope they get them once they are home.
They needed them
I had five hours of sleep and they were getting on my nerves and I HATE myself when I am short with them but…..I am a bitch when I am tired.

Still it is all quiet now.
My husband got called out to work so I am home alone watching a movie I rented.
Rather slow going and boring but I am hoping it will pick up.

It snowed earlier although it is way too warm to stick to the ground.
Still I am not ready for snow.
Too early and it would make for one long damn winter if it sticks around now.

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Both girls were asleep at nine thirty last night but Kayla woke up at two thirty crying so hard that she woke her sister up as well.
We were awake from two thirty until five am.
I am getting told old for this stuff.
I have to get them in separate bedrooms so that if one of them wakes up they don’t wake the other one up.
Just too much for me.
I am cranky and crabby when I don’t get a lot of sleep

and I am not a nice person to be around.
I don’t be bitchy on purpose, it just goes a long with, no sleep.
or not enough.

Anyway Kayla was up at seven and Keira got up at seven thirty
So….the day begins…..

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well I am happy to report that I am still alive and still here.


The Face Book quiz thing I took a few months back was wrong.
Thank God.
I am going to be around for a while yet.
Hopefully for a long time.
Ideally until all my grand children grow to adulthood and since some of them haven’t even been born yet……I hope I get to live forty more years.
that would put me at 88

sounds like a good age to pass on.

anyway I am here, alive and well (even though I didn’t have a good nights sleep, thank you Keira and Kayla!)

but I am doing well.
Thank you Lord.

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