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on July 12th I will start a new job

I’m going back to being a custodian

I will work 2:30 -11 Monday through Friday and no weekends and no holidays

which thrills me

not real crazy about 2nd shift but I will be very busy

cleaning the middle school here in our town

the pay isn’t nearly as good as it is in Iowa city, but I will be collecting IPERS again and that will help with retirement

speaking of which I want to try and work till I’m 67 or 68, depending on when I can get full social security

on another note I have been onthe keto diet for a week and have lost 14 pounds


makes me very happy

I have cut out all sugar and are trying to just eat protein and vegetables

its hard to leave chips and potatoes out of my diet but I want to be thinner

and hopefully working as a custodian again will help with that



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