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Beach Love~   1 comment


76591-sea-and-beach-sunset-on-the-beachYes I am and probably always will be thinking of the ocean and beach…..


and wishing I was there…..



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Points to ponder~   Leave a comment


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That Rearview Mirror~   Leave a comment

rearview-mirrorUnless of course it is family…

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Christmas Lights Or Party Lights?   1 comment


On my drive into work every day I see several houses with their Christmas lights still glowing.

I even go by one house who has a Christmas tree in the window.

When do the lights stop being Christmas lights and go to being party lights?
Don’t get me wrong, I think they are very pretty….

But as tomorrow is February 1st… just makes me wonder….


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And God Loves You~   Leave a comment


As I drive into work in the mornings I sometimes Thank God for all the blessings in my life.

I have many.

My cup runs over with all the blessings I am given.

I don’t know why I am given so much and others are struggling.

I don’t know why God has graced me with all that I have.

My sister Cyndi use to tell me “I was very fortunate in all my blessings”
And I agree.

I am fortunate.

Life is good.

God is good.

And I am truly blessed.

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A Great Love~   Leave a comment


No it isn’t snowing outside, or even raining.

I love this picture because of the bed.

I have a great love for my bed.

There are some evenings that I can’t wait to get into it and most mornings I never want to get out of it.

It is warm and comfortable and I just love it.



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Deepwater Horizon~   Leave a comment

We just watched this movie “Deepwater Horizon” with Mark Wahlberg and Kurt Russell.

It was very well done.

A sad tragic movie of the oil rig that exploded in 2010 killing 11 men who worked on the rig.

The same oil rig that dumped hundreds of gallons of oil into the Gulf Of Mexico for 87 days


Not sure why anyone would want to risk their lives in this way but I suppose there is good money in it.

And of course not every oil rig explodes.

I would recommend the movie.



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