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New Year’s Eve   1 comment

we are here, tanning and walking the beach and wishing we could live here in paradise forever.
It is so beautiful here.
Today it was 75, tomorrow is supposed to be the same.
Two more days and then we will be heading home.
I don’t want to.
Oh I know I have a life and a great home and my children and grandchildren in Iowa, but I could really live here.
And get quite use to listening to the waves every minute of every day.

Happy New Year one and all!

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more sunshine and ocean breezes today   Leave a comment

have to work on my tan a bit more today.

I so love the beach.
I will really hate it when we have to leave…..

although I do miss my grand children too.

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the six of us   Leave a comment

not the greatest picture of us, Kayla has her toy covering her pretty face and Aaron isn’t smiling, but it is the best of the ones that were taken on Christmas Eve.

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paradise   1 comment

sunrise this morning at Daytona Beach.
isn’t it beautiful?
Truly paradise

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invigorating   Leave a comment

just came back from an invigorating walk along the beach

it is invigorating because it is only in the forties here this morning.

it is supposed to get up to sixty-five but right now it is quite cool.

was hoping to catch some rays but since it is so cool out maybe I will go to a movie today and wait and catch rays tomorrow and Friday.

there are several I want to see
The new Mission Impossible, War Horse, New Year’s Eve and We Bought a Zoo.

My husband wants to see the New Sherlock Holmes movie but I was bored in the first one so I doubt the second one will be any better.
but we shall see


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Sunshine on Daytona Beach   Leave a comment

we got into Daytona Beach at noon today.
It is quite beautiful here with a temperature of 70

the beach is not far from our hotel room (About one hundred feet)
the ocean is in turmoil, and the white caps are plentiful.
it is awesome.

I realize I was just here in April, but I never tire of the beach or listening to it as I sleep
It is a bit cool sitting here on my balcony in the shade and the breeze blowing in off the ocean

but it is oh so nice too.

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grandgirl time   Leave a comment

I am off work now and was intending on enjoying a relaxing day at home, sleeping late and just bumming.
however my son asked me to watch his girls so he could work some over time today.
So I am watching Keira and Kayla.
We have danced and started watching “Hook” and now we are watching “Astro Boy”

They are arguing over a stupid little ball that I bought Aaron a few weeks ago.
Not sure why they have to fight over it but I guess it is because it is new to them

Rick will be home at eleven and then his vacation will begin
Tomorrow we will have our Christmas with our kids
And Sunday we will be heading to Florida.
Not sure how long we will be gone but probably till January 4th

I don’t think I will be on this again till Monday or so.

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

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