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I have Keira and Kayla today.

Not sure what all we will do as it depends on what they want to do.

We are getting a new water line put in our house so we will be without water, so I feel like we should do something to be out of the house while they work on this.

If they brought their swimming suits we will go swimming at one.

But I don’t know if they will or not.

We may go shopping for some school clothes just to kill a few hours.

My last day of not working.

It was enjoyable to not have to work but as I have told my sister I need to be productive and feel like I am doing my part.

I have bills.

A lot of bills and while yes some will be completely paid off in October, I still have my car payment and a bank loan and Mediacom… I will still have bills.

Not to mention the house payment and insurance.

So I am ready to go back to work.

(No reason for this beautiful picture of Utah, other then it is a beautiful picture)


US Route 163 Monument Valley Utah USA



I went for a drive today looking for a house in the country that I never found.

It is a fantastic day out, so very beautiful weather wise.

I washed the car too.

Now I am doing laundry and hanging out.

My husband went to a movie with my youngest son.

Life is good but I am ready to start working and being useful.

I know, I already wrote about that.


Grandchildren tomorrow so that will be nice as well.


Washington or oregon where Twlight was filmed

Beautiful Iowa Weather~

It is 75 out.

Perfect weather in my book.

If it never got hotter then this I wouldn’t mind a bit.

Just love this.


I am about to go out and get to work in my flower beds.

Have to move one for about twenty four hours so they can dig a new water line, but I have a lot of weeds I need to deal with as well.


Am clean so once I get out there working I won’t be clean any longer.


We are home from vacation and everything is put back where it belongs.

I need to do laundry and put totes away in the basement but everything else is done.

I went to pick up our mail at the post office to be told that it wasn’t delivered from Rock Island as it should have been.
So we will get it all tomorrow.

What is the point of filling out a card stating when I want to pick it up if they don’t even have it?


And while I thought I was going to start work on Monday now I am starting on Tuesday at 8 am to do orientation.

Which takes about three hours of watching films and filling out paper work.

I guess I have to go through Orientation before I can officially start work.

I was hoping to start Monday but what is one more day?
I have Matt’s girls so I will just take them swimming on Monday.

One last hurrah before work starts.





I have a cold, I have a UTI, I have a sinus headache and my stomach feels upset.

I don’t know why but I just feel like ick.

I know a couple of other people have colds too.

And maybe it is sinus or allergies instead of a cold but I am beginning to think there is something in this cabin that is making us all not feel the greatest.

All I know is between the UTI and now the sinus’ I would like to feel better.



cabin in Lake Delton Wisconsin



Yesterday was my husband’s birthday so our eldest daughter Paula came over from her home in Milwaukee to go out to dinner with us last night.

This is one of the pictures we took.

From the left, Matt, Emily, Rick, Me, Paula and Brian.


Kathy and Alex

My sister and her family have made the decision to move back to Iowa.

They hope to be here in the next month or so.

She is dreading the drive up to Iowa

I find it funny as I would drive back down to Florida in a heart beat if I could.


Funny because we are so different.

The things she likes I don’t  like and the things I like she doesn’t.

So it is funny

I do hope they can get moved soo.

It will be nice to have her home.




We had a big breakfast with bacon, eggs, cheesy hash browns and a lot of effort on Emily, Crystal, Tonyia and my parts.

As we did the cooking.

Then Emily, Matt, Keira and I went to Walmart where I spent a hundred dollars and I can’t even tell you why it was so much.

Well I got two pounds of bacon which was over $6 each.

I bought Keira and Mirielle a Packers mug that was over $12 each.

And I bought two t shirts for myself that were under $5 each.

But where the rest went to?
I haven’t a clue.

Amazing to me how much things cost.

Then the grandkids, Rick, Matt, Brian, Adam and Crystal took the kids fishing.

So it is nice and quiet here.

Which is a switch.

When you get five grandkids running around and two TV’s going it can get pretty loud.

But it is relaxing.




Here are pictures of our cabin


my son Matt and daughter Emily and son in law Adam

cabin 2

upstairs view from the living room

cabin 3

sunken bathtub

cabin 4


cabin 5

view from the balcony going down to the living room

cabin 7

bedroom downstairs

cabin 9

the playground outside our cabin


It’s a very nice place but for $630 a night it should be.


More pictures to follow tomorrow.



Here in a few hours we will head to Wisconsin to enjoy our five day vacation.

I will take a lot of pictures and post some when I have the time.


In 8 days I will begin my new job and I have to say I am ready for it.
This sitting around basically not doing anything gets rather tedious.

I need more to fill my day OR more money to fill my day.


If money were no object I would never be bored because I could have things the way I want them.

(A privacy fence and a pool in my back yard)

Hell I would probably move to the country if money were no object.

Plus I would get my sister and her family moved back to Iowa


Good thing dreaming is free.


Good morning two