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my youngest child is frustrating the hell out of her father and me.
She is confused and unsure of which boy she wants to be with .

First there is Adam, the father of her son, who wants her back and vows that he has changed and wants nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with her, and have more babies and get married.

Secretly she wants all of this too, but there is Jason, a sort of bad-boy but genuinely a nice young man, who treats her like she is a queen and hugs and holds her all she wants (something Adam wouldn’t do)

It is like watching a ping-pong game.
One day she is happy with Jason

and the next she thinks, she should be with Adam because of their son

Oh and one more thing I forgot to mention
Jason can not have more children.
Or should I say he had the procedure done to not have more kids

He has four already

Emily wants more children.
Thus her attraction to Adam.

I really just want to smack her and tell her to figure this out.
it has only been going on for nearly three months!

I tell her to choose Jason because that is who she obviously wants to be with the most.
but she can’t seem to do it.

Children can be so damn frustrating!

and to top it off, Adam is waiting in the wings wanting her to pick him, and she needs to let him go if she can’t give him 100% of herself so that he can be happy with someone else.
The boy needs to be happy.
He is a good kid and a wonderful father to their son.

this is her with Jason

and eleven days ago with Adam for Aaron’s second birthday party.


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I just read an article on the internet that says sugar is bad for the brain.

you think?

I wonder how many millions they spent on that research to tell us all something we already knew????

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 by the way it feels outside, one would think it is October instead of May.
Any minute now I expect the leaves to turn golden-yellow and orange and start falling to the ground.
Don’t get me wrong, I love this weather!
We needed rain so badly that this is terrific!
yes it is cold and dreary out, but I love it.

It really does feel like October.

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I’m going to get my hair cut today.
I hate it.
absolutely hate it.
I try to keep it longer for the simple reason of I can wear it different ways

but I have hated it for a long time now so… is just time to cut it all off.

going to do that this afternoon after I get off of work.

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Finally we are on the last day of school.
The last day for classes at this school.
After today there will never be another child walking the halls of this school.

it is sad really because it is a good school

yes it has some problems but nothing money couldn’t fix.

I hate to see it close.
Wish I had the money to buy it and make it a home.
I would in a heart beat.
There will be an article in the Cedar Rapids Gazette today on this school, in case anyone is interested.

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my blog encourages me to write at least five blogs a day, but some days I just can’t think of what to say.

today is one of those days.

so you get my animal/mammal theme

I had over 23 pictures on this, but unfortunately the blog won’t publish them all.

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this picture really has nothing to do with what is on my mind today, but it is pretty so I thought I would add it.

This week is creeping by.

The kids here are wild and crazy acting and they want to be out of school as much as we all want them gone.

one day after today, and while I know I can manage to get through it…….My God it is taking forever.

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my eldest daughter no longer needs me in her life and my youngest needs me every now and then.

but my love for these two women in my life is endless.

like with my sons, I look at my daughters and am amazed that I carried these two precious females in my body

I’m also amazed at how wonderful all four of my children turned out.

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Keeping a glow book or joy journal is something I would highly recommend

if you find yourself a little rusty at recongnizing the joy gifts that come your way

Thomas Kinkade

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We are happy when we are growing

William Butler Yeats

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