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I figure I need $35,000 to quit working.

Just that small amount.

Sure wish I knew someone who could loan me that much.

I could pay off some debt and get my husband’s garage that he so desperately wants.


If only…….

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My three sisters and niece came over today to visit.

it was nice seeing everyone.

It had been a while and we all need to put forth the effort to make time for each other.

A lot more than we do that is for sure.

Hopefully we can make a habit for it to happen more often.

My eldest sister is 74 and she won’t be around forever so we need to make the time.

I myself need to make the time.


It was an enjoyable visit.




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Today is day two of having my daughter’s children.

It isn’t bad per say but Miss Ava Marie does not like to sleep.

OR should I say, she likes to sleep she just likes to be held while she sleeps.

She is spoiled already at seven and a half weeks old.


I have to put her down to go to the bathroom which always makes her wake up and she cries.

I put her down to make tuna salad and before I had it done she was awake and crying.

I kept talking to her and telling her I was here and she would have to be patient but she is seven weeks old and didn’t understand a word I said.


She has been sleeping now for ninety minutes and I put her down an hour ago and she is just now starting to move around.

She is to eat again at four so that is probably why she is going to wake up.

I love my grandchildren immensely but I love my quiet time too.



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It is five thirty am.

I slept wonderfully last night and feel great today…..and in another twelve and a half hours I will be done with working for twelve days!

My paycheck will notice the difference but I won’t be working next weekend due to my husband having a family reunion and then I am going to have my sister’s and niece over for a sister’s day on the 22nd.

I start watching my grandchildren tomorrow.

Otherwise I would be vacationing some where.

Ha ha.




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As I work to get bills paid off and strive to get money saved for my husband’s thirty foot by thirty foot garage……I am hoping we can get that garage built in the spring.


At one time Rick was thinking of retiring completely by the time he turns 62 and collect his social security.

I personally think it would be more beneficial for him to work till he is 65 simply because it would be better for his health.

He tends to sit a lot when he isn’t working……

But anyway……if it all works out I do hope to get the garage done by next spring……

That is the plan anyway…….


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This weather has been glorious.

There really is no other word for it unless you want to stay beautiful.

It is perfect in every way.

Deep blue skies with little wisps of clouds…..full sunshine and cool breezes and the temperatures are out of this world.

perfect seventies.

Love it.

My flu bug or whatever it was yesterday must have been a twelve hour thing….

It is gone
Good riddance

flag day.jpg



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Not sure what is up with me but I don’t  feel the greatest.

Have a stomach ache and am freezing cold.

I have been working outside all day working in my flower beds.

Then I painted a glider we have and before I finished that, (it took two hours) I started feeling sick.


Sure hope I am not getting the flu.


Tomorrow I am going to go shopping with Emily and her two girls.

She invited me so I can help keep her girls in line.

I don’t know  if we will go out to lunch or not?
I assume Bailey will want to eat after getting out of school.


I have to be in Wilton at three to get Kayla, and Emily will have to be back in West Liberty to get Aaron at three so it shouldn’t be too bad or too long in shopping.

Hopefully I will be fine…..and feel better.

God willing.





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We opened all of our windows on Tuesday.

Well this morning I closed half of them.

It is and was cold out.

Fifty three degrees.


I have a sweater on and sweat pants and socks on.

Crazy when it is only September seventh.

Don’t get me wrong….I love cooler temps.



But it just seems a bit early……..

could be fall creek falls

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In another life I envisioned myself as a artist.

I love the idea of being able to draw.

My mother was able to draw as can my eldest daughter Paula and my son Matt.

I have tried.

I have bought books to teach me how to draw…..but it all falls flat.


What a wonderful gift to have.

Bob Ross painting

This is a Bob Ross Painting.

I use to watch him for hours as a kid.

I even bought a small painting of his and it hangs in my den.

To have that kind of talent…..would be a dream…..

Of course I would love to be able to write novels and have people think they were wonderful too.

The creative gene just didn’t pass me by, it rushed rapidly on to someone more lucky than I.


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