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They talk about reopening things in this country

People need to work, to pay bills, to get back to normal

But I fear it is all being rushed

People are still dying by the hundreds every day and we are in lockdown

Will that double or triple when people are no longer quarantined?


Its scary



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Why don’t you get another dog Nana?   Leave a comment

The above question is from my 13 year old grand daughter

One thing is I work nights so it would be stuck in its kennel then and then he would have to be in it when I slept during the day

It just seems unfair to the dog

Plus Rick isn’t a huge fan of dogs and I don’t know if I could trust him to be nice to it

AND I don’t think I am quite ready to replace Max

I so adored that dog


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My son Matt came over today with my grand daughter’s Keira and Kayla and it was a great day seeing them and visiting with them

They are exceptional human beings and I adore them so much

The weather was pretty great too

I am truly blessed


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So Emily gave us all a scare early Friday morning

Her husband woke up to her gasping for air

Her face and lips were blue

Before he got her to the floor she quit breathing

He did cpr but he said she wasn’t breathingĀ  for 2 or 3 minutes


The ambulance came and after 20 minutes she came back to her self

The ER doctor said she had a seizure

Put her on seizure medication and she has to go to her neurologist on Monday

Of course she can’t drive for 6 months unless she has another one than it will be 6 months after that one


I just thank God that Adam woke up

Emiline and Adam

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If Only~   Leave a comment

My husband and I went to Iowa City this morning to Menards.
ON our drive there he said, “Sure wish we were driving to Florida right now”
I said “Me too”
If only.

They said that the temps in Daytona were going to be in the nineties.

That is better than this cold thirty degree crap that we have to deal with.

it is almost the middle of April and we still have freezing temperature.

I could easily quit my job, load up our three younger grandkids and drive to Florida for a week.

I have to take them because their mother starts back to work tomorrow after being off six weeks due to her brain surgery.

if only we could go to Florida.

Darn it.

me too

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I have a funky headache today.
I feel a bit dizzy, just sitting here and typing this.

Not sure if it is vertigo or something else.

I ate and that seemed to help it for a bit but the headache is back again.

It could be because I haven’t slept yet today after working last night.
But last week I was up for 29 hours and had no ill affects from it.




Did some cleaning and a bit of laundry left over fromĀ  yesterday and now I am waiting to have a conference call/ face to face via phones with my doctor.

I was supposed to go in and see her today but because of CoVid 19 they aren’t seeing patients.



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my blessings

The Lord has blessed me so very much with these 4 people

I am so lucky


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