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Wasted Days And Wasted Nights~   Leave a comment

I don’t have any reason why but theΒ above title is a song that I can’t get out of my head.

I haven’t heard it for years but it popped in my head earlier when I was cleaning and now itΒ  won’t let go.


Sometimes I feel like I am wasting away.

Living a ho hum life.

But if I feel it is ho hum then it is up to me to improve it so I am having fun and loving life again.


I have a friend here at work who has lost 60 pounds since last summer.

She works out every morning before coming to work and she told me yesterday that she now jogs three miles every afternoon after she leaves work.

I need to find that ambition.

She is older then I am and looks really good.

I need to lose 60 pounds.

I just have to start doing something.

She is an inspiration that is for sure.




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Sickly~   Leave a comment

I feel rather ill today.

Have a rotten headache and just feel sick to my stomach.

Not sure what is going on.

It has been coming on for days as I have had the headache for days.

I thought it might be sinus’ at first and I suppose it still could be but the pressure isn’t there.

But if I turn my head to the left the headache gets worse and I feel dizzy so, maybe it is sinus’ after all?

All I know is I wish I could go back to bed.



It’s not snowing here but raining a lot.

The bed looks very inviting.


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Family~   Leave a comment

Yesterday I wrote my sister in Florida telling her I never hear from anyone.

That I am the one who makes the first move and or calls them or seeks them out.

She wrote back that she is the same and that she refuses to let there be distance between her and our two other living sisters.

I am not made that way.

I do not feel that I should have to always be the one to say “Hey lets get together, or Hey how are you?”
I should not have to write first and I should not have to call first EVERY DAMN TIME!
She feels differently and I respect that but I don’t bend over backwards for anyone who won’t do the same for me.

Our eldest sister hasn’t worked for years and there is no way she is as busy in her life as I am mine.

Our youngest sister works part time.

She isn’t as busy either.

Our brother who lives in Canada and is wrapped up in his little family up there is the worst of all.

He doesn’t put forth the effort at all to stay in contact.

I remember years ago when my Grandmother was alone, having outlived three husbands, and the only thing she wanted was people to come and visit with her.

How she loved company but was very sad to see everyone leave.

Life is too short to not spend time with loved ones and make memories but again I am not going to keep making the first move.

Obviously they don’t feel the need to keep in touch since they put forth no effort to do so.


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Back To Work~   Leave a comment

Well my thirteen days off went by very fast and here I am back to work again.

Ugh, how I hate this place.

It use to be that they would keep kids off of the grass if it was muddy but evidently that is not the case any longer as the steps and many of the classrooms had a lot of dried mud in them.

I have two months and two days left with the kids in this school and then a month of cleaning and moving to the new school.

As I was driving in I thought, maybe I should take back my resigning and work a few more years but after just cleaning up this school, (My section) for the last two and a half hours I hate this place all over again.

And it isn’t even this place because if I could clean with no one around and not have to deal with the kids I would work thirteen more years.

But that isn’t how it is and I need to do something differently.


Did I really have 13 days off from here?
It sure doesn’t feel like it.


time outπŸ™‚


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Bailey Day~   Leave a comment

I get to spend the day with my youngest grandchild.

It will be enjoyable to have one on one time with her.

She is a little hot head and loves getting her way but she is so much fun too.

I love her dearly as I do all of my grandkids.



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Why?   Leave a comment

Why can’t movies be better?
Why can’t the writers put forth more effort then they do?
I went to Kong Skull Island yesterday and it was awful.

Completely awful.

Could have been so much better but the writers dumb it down so much.


I miss the good movies.

When the writers and directors really cared enough to do the best they could.



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A Down Day~   Leave a comment

I have a few things to do but basically it is another down day.

A day when nothing is really required of me.

I like them.

I have to clean out the grandkids toy room, and I want to clean some on my bedroom/den.

I didn’t get to cleaning out the inside of my car before it started raining yesterday and it is going to rain all day today so I won’t be doing it today either.

Not sure if I have any grandkids over night tonight, even though this is our weekend to have them.

I am fine if we do and also fine if we don’t.

Down time is wonderful to me.




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Home sweet home   Leave a comment

We are home.

Got in at one thirty am this morning.


It was a long twenty hours.

But it is good to be home.

Replanted some flowers and went and got a few groceries.

I still have to do laundry and clean but since I just sat down after being on the go all day, I decided to sit for a bit.

So not ready to go back to work on Tuesday but that is three days away so I shouldn’t dwell on it.

I will be glad when I am done working there on the 30th of June.





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Another Day of Sun and Fun~   Leave a comment

The sun is fighting to come out this morning.

It is very cloudy here.


This pic was at sunrise.

me and clouds

and me on the deck at sunrise.

We have decided to head home tomorrow as it will be twenty degrees cooler and cold and rainy.

We are all sunburnt and I for one am tired of feeling burnt.

I plan on staying in today and not going out at all except to shop for things for the grandkids that aren’t with us and dinner tonight.

The girls will swim with their father and I will be a bum and work on packing things up.

I don’t think the sun and beach appeal to me as much as it once did.

It is nice being here but home is where the heart is.

I would love to go and see my sister in Fort Myers but that is a four hour drive and that would mean driving that much longer tomorrow or Friday and I can’t see the family wanting to do that.





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Sun Soaked~   Leave a comment

I had to come out of the sun.

I am on sun overkill today.

My eyes hurt from the chlorine and even though I have caked myself every hour with sunscreen I am still sunburnt.

I don’t understand.

The sun is quite hot.

Matt, Keira Kayla and I played in the waves for quite a while which was great fun too.

But I do think we are all a bit tired of swimming and sun for the day.

I can see Kayla wanting to swim later around five or so but we all need to be out of the sun for a bit.

Love the weather though.
83 with a nice breeze.


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