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Here we are

Daytona Beach Florida

I have taken a few pictures but this nook hd doesn’t allow me to take them from my camera to put here

I’m sunburnt

Go figure

I left the pool at one o’ clock which is a good thing considering how sunburnt I am

Of course I will be out there tomorrow

I will lay on my stomach 




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I feel like I could be getting the flu


I feel sick to my stomach and another unmentionable problem

I can’t get sick!

We are flying to Florida tomorrow


My grand-daughter Kayla and her mother were sick Tuesday and Wednesday………….

I just can’t get sick…….




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the apartment is slowly getting into shape

The downstairs is fine, it is my bedroom and den.
My God I have a lot of stuff


I’m unloading boxes and think ‘where the hell am I going to put it all?’

I’m sure I will get it all together eventually but jesh……what a job!

On another note Paula came home this past weekend and we had a picnic at Matt’s and it was a great time.
I love seeing Paula



this is last year’s picture, but my computer won’t let me load up this years.
I will try from work.

the family  here’s the newest picture of the six of us.

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I’m just not feeling it this week

I would prefer to be almost anywhere but here at work

I have no energy or desire to clean anything

Unfortunately l have no choice

Bills need paid and l like to eat and sleep with a roof over my head

I like spending money and going on vacations so therefore l work

Sure wish l had some getty up and get going energy though



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Well the move went off without any problems

The apartment is in decent order although l have a lot of boxes to unpack and get things situated


Winter seems to have returned to lowa today

Friday and Saturday were upper seventies and yesterday was a cool and rainy 55 degrees

Today is in the 30s and very windy and cold


I’m so ready for mid seventies for several weeks straight

Which lm sure every one else is too


I’m at work and wishing l wasn’t

Would love to retire early and never have to worry about money problems

I know there are a lot of people that feel that way too



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I’m having a bit of a deliminia

We have over $800 through Allegiant airlines that we have to use before October first or we lose the money

( this was due to canceling a trip with them last December)

The problem is l want to drive to Arizona

I have two weeks off of work and l wanted to drive through Colorado,Utah and Arizona and then possibly go back to Yellowstone National Park on the way home

But in using the money from Allegiant l won’t be able to go to the other states

And l can not see myself touring Arizona for two weeks

Yes l could just take one week or even five days

I don’t want to lose the money through Allegiant

So lm going to have to figure something out

I know dear reader you are probably thing ” oh to have such problems”


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Well it is almost here


Friday and possibly into Saturday we will be doing the move and l have to say l am more than ready

It will be great to sleep in my own bed

It will be very nice to have my clothes back in a dresser instead of in a clothes basket

It will be super to have my home put back together so that when l get off of work l can enjoy it and or relax instead of constantly being busy

Yes l am very anxious to get the move done



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Every once and a while I look back at older pictures and think……

this is a really good one or weren’t they adorable then???
this one here makes me think, “Wow what beautiful daughters I have”

Paula and Emily

yes it is almost two years old, but don’t I have very lovely daughters?

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th_Keefers_Animations1311                                                             th_keefers_animatedflowers1128

Tulips                                                   securedownload 2


beautiful_flowers_picture_04z                                      th_Keefers_Flowers2029

I love flowers

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I had my grandson for over seven hours yesterday
We spent almost four hours outside in the back yard.
He loves to run
loves to swing and just loves to play

I made him a little track in the dirt for him to push his bulldozers and tractors through
And then we got a bunch of cars for him to play

He loves playing in the dirt

as any little boy does.
He is a joy and I am thrilled that he will have this big back yard to play in



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