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A new year, a new beginning and a new out look on life   Leave a comment

Do you ever wonder about the day you are going to die?
Sometimes it hits me that I am probably over half way through my life.
Maybe even three-fourths through it.
I hope I’m not almost done with it but I suppose there is always that possibility that I am.

As I think of this new year beginning I think of what is coming this year?

Hopefully a new baby, and maybe even a wedding.
But besides that what?

My outlook on life is different from it was say a week ago or two weeks ago
My gracious Heavenly Father is in my head and heart more so now than ever before and God granted He allow me a future here on earth, then I am going to be positive and have a much brighter outlook because of Him

I still sometimes toy with the idea of going back to school
I toy with the idea of becoming a great novelist.

but when I look around me and think of the future a new job isn’t going to make me any happier than I am right now
So therefore school isn’t important enough to go in debt for
Not to mention the time it would take and put me away from my family while I went to school.

I will always want to be a writer.
I do need to force myself to write something every single day and maybe I can get the juices flowing again and be productive

When it is all said and done Family is the most important thing on this earth
My Lord Father is first and foremost and always will be
Because without Him I wouldn’t have the blessings of my children, husband and grandchildren
and let’s face it
Grandchildren are gifts from God.

So as the new year approaches, I could wish and yearn for tangible things but the only things that really matter are my love and faith in My Heavenly Father
and those wonderful children, grandchildren and husband that I have as a family
Not to mention my siblings and all of their loved ones as well.

Yes I am a truly blessed woman.
Thank you Lord for all my gifts from You.



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plans for New Year’s Eve   Leave a comment

Do you have plans for the New Year’s Eve that so many people bring in?

I wish I did but I am watching my 7 and 5 year old grand daughter’s.
I would love to go out
I would love to bring in the New Year with a lot of fun people around me and just enjoy watching people

But I haven’t been out on New Year’s Eve since I was pregnant with my eldest son 33 years ago.
how sad

But my husband does not like to go out when there are other people drinking and driving.

Some day I’m just going to have to go without him
Because I think it would be great fun to go out and have a few drinks and enjoy myself.

maybe next year…….


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burr   Leave a comment

I know it is Iowa and I know that winter brings snow and bitterly cold temps, however this thirty below wind chill seems a bit much

I yearn for Florida and I know I will be flying there 4 weeks from today.

It is in the 70’s there now and probably will be in the mid 60’s by the time we get there.

but that is alright.
I can handle mid sixties


It will be nice to get out of the deep freeze of the mid west.

Oh and I won the lottery with our airline tickets.
I was one of the lucky ones who caught the accidental sell with Delta Airlines the other day

we are flying to Florida and back for $46 dollars a piece

Can’t beat that.


(My husband on the beach in Daytona Beach Florida)

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Saving Mr. Banks   Leave a comment

my husband and I went to the above titled movie today
I must confess I wasn’t really interested in seeing it.
But I am so glad I did.
Talk about a good movie!
It stars Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as the woman who wrote the story “Mary Poppins”

I’m not going to go into great detail but if you want to see a story based on true events I highly recommend it.

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a bit envious   1 comment

My sister and her son are talking about moving to California

I have to say I am a bit envious

Not that she is moving to California but that she is starting a new adventure.
Granted I could do the same but I want to be where my children and grandchildren are so therefore I can’t move away

Or should I say I don’t want to without being close enough to drive home every month or so.


But her son hates Iowa winters and therefore they want to move

And my sister will move where he is because he is her only child and she is hoping and praying for a grandchild in the next year or two.

I would move to Florida and drive home to Iowa once a month


Or I would live in Colorado and come home every month or maybe even twice a month since that is just a twelve-hour drive……..


I can’t see my husband ever-moving out of Iowa and therefore I won’t either.

But I do feel my sister is lucky to start a new adventure.
The second one for her as she moved to Florida for eight years……about fourteen years ago



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Dear God   Leave a comment

As the day grows closer, my mind fills up

As I think of what He gave us, my tears well up

I am forever thankful for all my Lord has graced me with

I sometimes get blinded by the silly things and forget all of the bliss

All of the love and family He has given me

All the health of my loved ones…….for the ability for me to see

My Lord Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ

Lives in my heart and soul and keeps me praying with all my might

To remember, to treasure every breath, every person I love so dearly

To remember that it is through God that I see this all so clearly

For I am a blessed woman
I know this with my entire being

that nothing on this earth means anything and has so very little meaning

Without My Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ

Through Them everything is possible………everything is beaming

I am a blessed woman

Of this I have no doubt

Thank you God for all that you have given me, I really want to shout

Today, tomorrow and forever please hold me in your arms and keep me forever realizing all the gifts you have given me

And please keep me true and pleasing in Your eye and if possible help me always see what You Dear Lord want me to be




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Let it snow   1 comment

so we are supposed to be getting some snow tonight and into tomorrow

I wish we would get a foot or two, which is funny because my sister wants to leave Iowa and she doesn’t ever want to live where she has to deal with another Christmas

She and her son are thinking California or Florida?

I personally would pick Florida but that is me.
California would be nice to visit but I just don’t see myself living there.


but since I will probably never move……….I don’t mind the snow

I actually love winter.
I love it more than I love summer because in summer we have to deal with bugs and heat and humidity.
I would rather deal with snow and cold temperatures and yes even shoveling snow

I am not fond of ice but hopefully that won’t happen too much

We had a lot yesterday so let’s just pretend that is done for the rest of the year……….

Besides it is Christmas.
We need snow for Christmas.







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hard to admit   Leave a comment

So my youngest daughter informed me the other night that I am a bitch and am a bitch most of the time.
it hurt for her to say that to me and I cried a few tears over it.
however I’m going to give that to her because she was right.
I have been a bitch.
unhappy and letting everyone know that I have been

But she opened my eyes and made me realize that how I act and or behave is felt all through our family


So God and I had some really great talks yesterday and He is helping me be better.

I’m quite sure I will get down and blue again, just seems to be my nature……….but with the Lord’s help I know I can get through it.


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last day   Leave a comment

Β it is the last day of school for the 2013 school year!

Makes me so happy to know the kids and staff will be gone from here for two weeks and I can CLEAN and it will stay CLEAN!!!!

I’m so excited!
There is a lot to do though but I have six official work days to do it.


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Early Christmas with the sister’s   Leave a comment

My sister Carolyn hosted our early Christmas gathering today
it was enjoyable as always.
Our Niece Jackie was there as well
I often say she is our adopted “sister” because we always include her in everything too

it was and always is enjoyable to be with my siblings
I know the older I get the more I appreciate them and sharing time with them.

Aside from my Lord God and His son Jesus Christ there is nothing more important on this earth than family.


this pic is a few years old but this is the five of us girls.
Wanda (on the right end ) wasn’t there today


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