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so today my sister-in-law and her husband took me to the riverside casino for my birthday.
We had breakfast and then played slot machines for about an hour.
It was an experience.
I can’t see myself ever being a big gambler and wanting to go back a lot but it was fun for the first time experience.

and I’m sure I will do it again sometime.

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I wrote a tiny little comment yesterday on William and Catherine and it got more hits than anything else I have ever written.

I am shocked

If I came across as hating the thought of the two to of them than I apologize.
I don’t hate them.
I honestly am happy that they are married and I do hope they  have a great life together.

I just think there is more going on in the world then their wedding.

Maybe the fairytale has everyone captivated.
if so that is great I guess.
But I would rather hear about people striving to help those who lost so much in the south when the tornadoes hit.
or something incredibly wonderful like a rich person giving to the poor

But don’t get me wrong I am happy for William and Catherine.
(She needs to gain some weight though)

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge   Leave a comment

William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have finally gotten married

it is over, all that glory all that blitz and it is over.
Thank goodness.

I wish them nothing but goodness and happiness all the days of their lives.
may they be blessed with many children and grandchildren one day.
And may they always be happy in their roles.

But let’s move on please.

Let’s let the obsession of William and Kate (Catherine now since she is royalty) be over with and done.

It looked like a beautiful day for them and the world is happy they were married.
But please, let them have a life of peace and let the obsession end.

Really enough is enough.

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so while I am still thinking about heading West on Monday I am still undecided as well.
A huge part of me wants to go but the other part of me thinks, you just had a vacation you certainly don’t need another one.
So yes this is a want, not a need thing.
So right there that tells me I should just stay home and do work around the house and be happy I am not working.

but on the other hand I think it would do me a lot of good to just go some place by myself for a while and relax and enjoy the time.

decisions decisions.

what to do?
Still undecided

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should I do it?

my husband just told that if I want to go to the Grand Canyon I can go.
by myself.
Either fly and rent a car or drive the whole thing myself.
Should I do it?

I think it would be great fun!!!
I’ve never done anything by myself, without thinking of anyone else but me.
It sounds thrilling and scary at the same time.
it seems a bit daunting to think of driving all those hundreds/ thousands of miles alone, but I have full belief in myself that I could do it.

So now the question is should I?

I will have to think about it some more.
If I do, I will leave on Monday, my birthday and plan on being back home by May 9th at the latest.

Hmm…..what do you think readers?

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right where I want to be   Leave a comment

this is me, 3 years ago at The Arches National Park in Utah.
I want to be standing there!

I want to feel the wind in my hair and the warmth of the sun on my face as I take in the beauty of Utah………

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I have a notion to……….   Leave a comment

    get in my car and drive to Utah next week.
Alone or with my husband.
Just go…………..

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