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Going Back~   Leave a comment

Well I got hired back to the nursing home

I start Sunday night then I will have Monday and Tuesday off and then work Wednesday through Sunday nights, 3rd shift

We need the money and insurance

I’m looking forward to it, even though I love not working

I must work so I will make the best of it




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It doesn’t get any better than this~   Leave a comment

Our weather here in Iowa is perfection these last few days and they say it is going to be in the seventies and lows in the fifties for the next ten days.

And then it is going to get even cooler a week from now.

Love it.

I so adore these cooler temperatures.

It is just perfect weather to me.

Sunshine and a nice breeze and chilly mornings.


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Am I?   Leave a comment

Am I un-hireable?

Did I do something wrong that makes me a less than desirable employee?

I know that the previous boss and I didn’t get along

She favored the young employees and treated us older women almost with contempt

Even though she is the same age as we are.

She had no clue at the short cuts the younger girls did, or some other things they did

However she is no longer there, so I had hoped that I would be rehired

However no phone call makes me think I’m not going to be rehired.



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Writing~   Leave a comment

I love to write.

I love it so much that I wish I could do it for a career.

Unfortunately my brain feels differently as I haven’t been able to put thoughts to paper for quite a few months.

It saddens me as I do so love to write.

My siblings use to blog.


But Cyndi passed away and Ric and Kathy just don’t blog anymore.

I love to write so I imagine I will never give up blogging just because it is a from of writing.

I use to blog every day, when I was at a computer often during the day and able to do so.

Now I try to write once a week at least but Lord knows that doesn’t always get done either.

Still I like putting pen to paper, or typing as the case may be here.

I like venting or sharing my thoughts.

Sort of a diary I suppose.

Although I would never put down my deepest thoughts for just anyone to read.

Still I love to write and I love blogging.

It saddens me that others quit.

Simply because I like reading others thoughts and the way they think.

Now, not even one person I know blogs any longer.

It is sad.

But everyone must do what they must do.

Or don’t want to do as the case may be.



Sure wish I could write





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If you could ~   Leave a comment

If you could do anything or be anything what would you do or be?

If money was no object what would you do or be?

I have always said it is a good thing dreaming is free, because I do a lot of it.

I have said before that I would be a successful writer

I love writing unfortunately it has eluded me for years

But being a successful novelist is my dream come true

If only~

I also think being a traveling guide and going to countries all over the world would be great fun too

Or have the money to build my dream home ~

Yep, good thing dreaming is free


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The Weekend   Leave a comment

I am sitting here watching a movie that I doubt will be very good but it has Keanu Reeves in it

Its called “Knock Knock ”

I am grandchild free till 7 am tomorrow morning.

I finished laundry and did a little work downstairs and now I am watching the movie

I have potato soup on the stove cooking

I always sautee the onions before I add them to the soup. But my husband mixed the ham and onions together after cutting them up and I didn’t get a chance to sautee them

So I doubt that the onions will be completely done

Unless of course I let it simmer for a few hours


He meant well but it isn’t going to be as good


I went through a lot of stuff yesterday in the basement to get rid of

My grand daughter Keira helped and we got a lot done

Still have quite a bit to do but am being a bum today


The weekends go by so quickly

I know I don’t work but the weeks go by with grandchildren every day,  so the weekends are precious

Anyway the weekend is winding down


I’m grateful for every day of my life

And it is a good life


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Maybe ~   Leave a comment

Ok, maybe I could be a bit over sensitive about this but it brings me down when people criticize Iowa

If you hate it so much then move

If you hate winters then move

Iowa is a great state with high education rates and good colleges

Iowa has things to offer people,  one must just get out and search for them

We have 4 beautiful seasons

It can go from 100 plus degrees and then negative 100 with wind chills in a matter of 7-8 months

We have diversity, and it is a great place to raise children

I have lived in Iowa all of my life and will probably die here

It is a huge piece of my past, my present and it will be my future

It is home

I love Iowa and I am protective of her

4th of july too

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IF~   Leave a comment

IF you don’t want some one commenting on your post, why do you have a place for people to comment on?

IF you don’t want a honest opinion then why do you ask for one?

IF you are in a bad mood,  why don’t you go for a walk or a drive instead of taking it out on others?

IF you are unhappy,  why are you doing the same thing over and over?

IF you don’t like who you are  then change

Insanity was once described as a person repeating the same action over and over again and expecting  a different result

IF you are not happy with your life then only you can change it

Get busy living or get busy dying

Anything else is just being a piece of driftwood floating aimlessly in the sea


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Dear God~   Leave a comment

Dear Lord, we sure do need your help here on earth.
What is going to stop the need people have to do mass shootings?
What do we need to do to prevent this sickness.

Innocent people die due to someone with mental problems or some other problem that they take out on others.

It hurts my heart so deeply that people think they have the right to kill someone else.
Let alone strangers at a Walmart.

God we sure do need your help here on earth.
And we need it badly.


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