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too cold


it is too cold outside.

literally it is freezing.

and tomorrow is going to be worse.


I wish I was in Florida right now.
I wish I was soaking up the rays and washing the ocean roll in and out.

darn I hate being cold.


No school today

no school today

yes I am still here at work but I love it when there are no kids here.
I can work and things stay clean

that is so awesome to me!
I love days like this


true I would rather be home but since I can’t be this is the next best thing.

It is definitely winter out there again.

Gary Allan

gary allanI love this guy
I own every one of his CD’s and he just put out a new one earlier this month.
He is rarely seen on award shows and I don’t think he has ever been awarded with anything
but he is one of my very favorite artists.

he tends to do what he wants and doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks.
Sort of a rebel.
but he has always been one of my favorites


after his wife committed suicide he looked so unhealthy and unhappy

but I think and hope, he is on the road to recovery

he looks healthier anyway.

So it is 59 degrees outside right now.

incredibly nice and balmy

almost feels like I could close my eyes and transfer myself to Florida and be on the beach feeling the warm air come off the ocean.



But everything is going to change quickly

by midnight tonight we are going to be cold enough to snow and they say we could get 3-6 inches

I’m not ready for that

I have been teased by Mother Nature so much this winter that I want winter to be done with and spring to be here.
it is 59 degrees outside right now for crying out loud!
After the snow it is supposed to turn incredibly cold again.


I shouldn’t complain I know this.
I live in Iowa after all and this is what winter is like in Iowa.
But darn it…..if it is going to be cold than stay cold!
Stop this back and forth crap that is only teasing us!

Okay, enough griping for today.




Monday blahs

I so hate Monday’s.
And while I realize I should be grateful for having a job when so many don’t, and grateful that I have a job that can pay my bills, I really hate Monday’s
I prayed this morning for the Lord to give me strength to get through this day
well I am here and I am going to get through it but man is it tough.
I really hate Monday’s.


the wonder of Him

Yes I am once again going to praise my Lord.
He has opened my eyes, He has made me realize what I need to do and to learn to do it well.
Thank you Kathy for your prayers, because I know you have been praying for me and I know with your help God has worked on me  and I have been praying as well  to my Lord to give me guidance and strength.
Anyone who doesn’t believe in the Lord, I feel badly for you because through God anything and everything is possible.
You just must believe it is so and take all your troubles to the Lord.

I am a blessed woman.
Thank you Lord.


Thank you Lord

My graciously Heavenly Father has blessed me once again

He has taken me under His wing and guiding my heart in the way I know He wants me to go.

it is an incredible feeling knowing He is there for me to love me and take care of me and even talk to me when I need Him most.

I am a very blessed woman




I watched a movie called “Restitution” last night with Russell Crowe in it.
I have to say it was rather a pointless movie
I like Russell Crowe though so I watched the whole thing.
it was made back in 2007 and I can see why it never made it to the theaters.
it just wasn’t very good at all.
but like I said I got to look at Russell for a while so….

no he isn’t my favorite actor, but I do like him


together or alone?

as it seems I am not the kind of person who can think on their feet, I wrote a letter.
it  should be received it today.
It will be interesting what the outcome will be

will it be a togetherness or will I go at it alone?

I am fine with it either way.

Time will tell of course


all things bright and beautiful

My Heavenly Father has spoken to me.

He has reminded me that despite my misgivings and wanting to flee, there are reasons I shouldn’t throw in the towel.

He has spoken to me and I have listened to His advice.

Through God all things are possible.
And His promise to me just reinstates that for me.